Begins 10th October 2021

Do you deeply desire your relationship to feel secure, expansive, passionate and transformational?


A relationship where you both fuel each other's spiritual evolution, allowing core wounds to heal, shadows to be integrated and your erotic connection to awaken the ecstatic nature of your body?

This course is for couples (of any gender, sexuality or relationship style!) who are on the journey of awakening and liberated love. For those who are showing up to do the work, so that they can have relationships that help them thrive, grow and evolve. 

We're entering a new paradigm of love and relationships,

One that goes beyond the conditioned norms and expectations.

One where people have the freedom and courage to live true to their hearts, in touch with their bodies and aligned with their spiritual growth. 

One where love heals and transforms rather than causing us more wounding and insecurity.

You're invited on this journey to liberated love.



Coming along for the ride?

Let us guess...

You have the same arguments and get triggered by seemingly little things your partner does, but you just don't know how to move past them.

You feel subtly judged by your partner, even though they say they fully accept you, you don't feel it fully all the time. 

You feel there is an imbalance in commitment in the relationship, one of you feels like they are doing all the work and showing up while the other is in resistance

You can talk or argue for hours about an issue but neither of you really feel understood and no resolution comes through, leaving you feeling disconnected and even shut down.

You've tried spicing up your sex life with workshops, toys, fantasy and other additions but you're still feeling like the sex is getting repetitive and you're trying too hard.

Sound familiar?

How would it feel to break through all of this and into deeper layers of love, commitment and hot, passionate eroticism?

Welcome to the hidden potential of your relationship...

  • You and your partner have created a relationship that fuels your spiritual growth and gives you the love, safety and expansion you have always dreamed of. 
  • Disagreements and misalignments create a space to connect even deeper, creating more intimacy and deeper self knowing.
  • Your sex life is a space of healing, connection to the divine and endless creativity, passion and growth.
  • You've broken through the stories and limiting beliefs around love that you inherited, breaking the cycles of intergenerational trauma, unworthiness, conflict and pain.
  • You've created a relationship container that is completely unique to you both- living by your own rules and desires, not what society has dictated a relationship should look like.
Sound like a fantasy? Or like a deep knowing this could be yours?

The Gateways to Liberated Love

Erotic Liberation


Many of us first connect through desire, turn-on and sexual compatibility. 

Having a fulfilling, exciting and passionate sex life is a high priority for a lot of couples, but things like trauma, shame, conditioning, and a lack of quality, conscious education and limitations can make it more of a confusing source of frustration and pain in a relationship rather than the gateway to divine awakening and freedom that it really could be. 

In this course we utilise our erotic connection with our partner as a space for healing, creativity and growth, exploring the world of sacred sexuality as a pathway to higher states of consciousness, healing and pleasure. 

Unconditional Love


People talk about unconditional love, but what does it really mean to love someone without conditions? 

It requires us to get our Egos out of the way, exploring our projections and assumptions about our partners, taking responsibility for what is ours and learning to accept our partner through their humanness (without overwriting our own boundaries in the process!)

When we can understand our partners traumas, connect with the present moment and get in touch with our deepest needs, values and desires then we can access a deeper layer of love and connection which we long to be met in. 

Awakened Relating


Your relationship/s can be an initiation into deeper layers of truth and spiritual evolution. It can confront your ego, challenge your comfort zone and show you the hidden parts of your psyche that only reveal when you have the right mirror. 

Awakened Relating is about finding Truth, clarity and being conscious in your relationship. It is about having a higher intention in why you're on this path, and how that can guide you through difficulties in life. 

This course is based on NonDual Tantric principals, but you're free to have whatever spiritual beliefs you have. 



Luna Agneya and Tristen Tan


From the start, our relationship foundations were set with the intentions of truth, healing and evolution. We have both been through the fires in past relationships, and no longer wanted to relate from our egos, enacting the same childhood wounding patterns that broke apart past relationships. We both have a deep desire for freedom and authentic expression, yet also the desire to have a safe and secure relationship where we can heal and grow with each other. 

The start was bumpy but once we decided to fully commit, we allowed ourselves to go deep into healing old patterns and limiting beliefs, doing the work to recognise our projections and judgments, create safety and cultivate a space for raw, honest truth. 

Our many years of workshops, trainings and education helped us to navigate our patterns and come back to connection time and time again, creating a relationship that gives us both the freedom and safety we desired. 

We are so passionate about this work and love to co-create and facilitate together, sharing the tools that help us and our students, clients and loved ones to have thriving relationships.


We share a passion for spirituality and the path of awakening, and exploring how they can use their relationship as a place to dissolve conditioning, heal past trauma, re-write stories and expand into embodying unconditional love. We both practice NonDual Tantra as our spiritual path and work to embody and integrate this work into our lives.



Luna is the headmistress of the Sensual Arts School, a Sex and Relationship facilitator and coach, who specialises in alternative relationship dynamics, Tantra and creative Intimacy. Luna is a certified VITA Integrated Sex, love and relationship coach, a trauma aware facilitator and a certified Yoga, meditation and pranayama teacher. She runs workshops, retreats, temple nights and events around the world inviting people deeper into their sensuality, pleasure and divine nature. 

More about Luna

For this course, she will be joined by her partner Tristen who has spent many days in containers practicing tantric arts and transformational work which have given him an abundant appreciation for the vast pleasure, deep connection and lasting peace that it can bring. He brings plenty of exuberance, lots of care and tonnes of love with him wherever he goes and is excited to share it with you on this journey together.


An overview of the Journey 



There are 6 main modules held over 12 weeks, so you get a new module every fortnight. There will also be a final integration module to set you up for going forward beyond this container.

For each module, you will get a 90-minute lesson featuring valuable information on the topic of the module, followed by a guided practice. It is designed for you and your partner to find a 90 minute slot in your week that suits you to sit down and do the whole lesson at once. Think of it like a private workshop or date-night.

You will be given an optional additional practice to do in your own time during the 2 weeks, as well as an individual practice (meditation, journalling etc) as this work is as much about your inner process as individuals as your connection together.

If you're tight on time, just enjoying the main 90 minute class per fortnight will still give you more than enough information and practice to have some relationship breakthroughs though! You can choose how much time and energy you are ready to invest into this program and you can always come back to it in the future as you have indefinite access to the course material.

There will be 2 live Q&A calls per month in alternating timezones to suit people in all parts of the world, hosted on Sundays. You also have 2x45 minute support calls with Luna or Tristen to utilize during your journey, for additional support and to answer your questions. 

Module 1:


Here we get really clear on our values and needs in our relationship, finding where we are aligned and any potential misalignments then exploring how we can come into balance and harmony, despite any differences we have. 

We will share an intention-setting ritual where we mark the start of the journey together.


Module 2:

Safety & Attunement

A securely attached and trauma-aware relationship is key to doing the deeper work. In this module we explore attachment, space holding, co-regulation, safety and empathy so that our foundations are set for future modules. 

Module 3:
Erotic Liberation

In this module we start to dive into our sexual connection, exploring any shame, limitation and blockages we have in our erotic connection and beginning to dive into sacred sexuality practices for healing, pleasure and ecstatic states. You will be guided with an erotic healing massage practice to explore at home.

We also explore play, innocence and the importance or erotic energy in our relationships.


Module 4:

Advanced space holding and Emotional Alchemy


In this module we explore emotionality in relationships, how we can healthily move, express and integrate our feelings so that we don't let them build up and reak havoc on our relationships. 

We will teach you how to hold space for your partner to do a breathwork journey to release emotions and pain, and how to alchemize emotional energy into pleasure and aliveness.

Module 5:

Unconditional Love & Shadow Work


What does it really mean to embody unconditional love? 

We will explore shadows and projections, and how they show up in relationship to block us from love, the way we step into 'roles' and 'characters' and how to identify these roles and transcend them. 

Module 6:

Awakened Relating


This module is about seeing the divine in our partner. What is it to be in a spiritually aligned, empowering and deeply connected relationship? How do we relate from truth, create profound intimacy and come back to connection again and again.

This module we will explore NonDual intimacy and energy sex, giving you tools to explore the realms of spirit and energy with your partner.


This course supports you on a variety of levels to not only learn about concepts of relating but to put them into practice, integrate them and grow from them. 

The tools you learn here can be applied again and again through your future and set you up with ways to deal with whatever life throws at you. 


Each session will cover the most important elements on the path towards a more liberated love.

Replays, guides and Q&A to help you receive the most from the teachings.


Each session will include a practice so that you can experience the teachings firsthand.

This will give you a felt sense of what you’re moving towards.


Homeplay activities to help you incorporate learnings into your daily life.

Solo and partnered practices to support individual and relationship growth.


The included coaching sessions will help you move past any potential sticking points and make your evolution more easeful.

Connect with a community of like minded souls.

Your Investment

Choose between a single payment or 3 month payment plan option. 


EARLYBIRD- 20% off with the code EARLYBIRDAWAKENING until 27/09

One Time Payment


Price in USD

Pay upfront for the whole journey.

  • 14 week journey with 6x 90 minute live calls (recorded and uploaded to the course platform)
  • Includes 2x 45 min supportive calls with Luna or Tristen
  • Bonus 'Rituals of Intimacy' Masterclass

Payment Plan


x3 Monthly payments (USD)

Pay in 3 monthly installations

  • 14 week journey with 6x 90 minute live calls (recorded and uploaded to the course platform)
  • Includes 2x 45 min supportive calls with Luna or Tristen
  • Bonus 'Rituals of Intimacy' Masterclass

Low Income

If you are in a country with a low exchange rate or are in a financial situation that means the price is out of your budget then you can apply for the low-income option (50% discounted price) by filling out THIS FORM


REFUNDS- You have 14 days from the start date to decide if the course is for you. If you want to cancel in that time, you will be fully refunded. 

Want a bit more of an outline of how this runs? Read on!



When you purchase this course you will be added to a course area with a login and password on the site. Immediately you will also gain access to the Sensual Artists forum on this website and the bonus masterclass to get started.

You can download the Kajabi app on your phone if you're going to be viewing the content on your phone most often. 

On the start date, the first module will go live and you can access it to do any time you have free in your week.

You will get an email reminder for the first live call (hosted on zoom), if you can't make it live don't worry! It will be recorded and uploaded to your course area to watch in your own time within 24 hours. 


It is recommended to try to keep up with the course as much as possible as there is a great momentum going with the group energy rather than falling behind and doing it all on your own. A big part of the journey is being able to share with others and know that you're not doing it alone! 
However, life often happens and you will have time after the course to access the materials and do it at your own pace. You also will be able to join future rounds again for a small fee if you want to.

 There will be an optional FB group to join and connect with the other couples in this course


Frequently Asked Questions