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leading liberation Apr 05, 2023


Welcome to the latest edition of Leading Liberation!

In this edition, we discuss finding flow in your workshops, the latest pathway to becoming a facilitator with our school, how we will be in an amazing Tantra documentary (and how you could be, too!) and much more!

We hope you are enjoying the content of these emails as we aim to educate and inspire you, as well as keep you up to date with us as our school grows. 

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The Sensual Arts School Team




Flow States and Leadership


When a facilitator is in the flow, they move beyond their individual ego into a state that allows for intuition, wisdom and genius to flow. In this state you are responding to the environment and going beyond the self-conscious state to a place where you are a vessel that the teaching moves through.

We cultivate this state through embodiment work and meditation, though it also requires practice!

Like in flow arts or other artforms, the way to enter a flow state is to have a mix of 'muscle memory' and challenge. You need to really know and embody the work, have enough experience behind you already then surrender that into the moment and see what happens without you needing to force it.

This is why having a place to practice guiding and get reflections is so helpful (like a live training) and having really solid foundations in what you're teaching (like what we offer through the Evolving Eros Facilitation course) are going to allow you to drop deeper into this flow state when you guide- which is where the real magic happens.

Watch the video that accompanies this text here. The clip is from the Embodied Leadership talk Luna gives in Evolving Eros.

You can also find more discussion on a similar thread with our guest facilitator, Laura Deva, who spoke about how to guide from wisdom rather than the mind. The replay is up in the 'Facilitator Skills' section of the course now!


We've made some changes to our facilitator pathway since last year, and now there are multiple ways to engage with our school besides just the 1 month training!

In this new video, Luna talks about the journey with our school in more detail. After the recent changes to our training format, she felt it was important to explain the pathway we take our students on in more detail so that you can have more clarity on what we’re offering and more confidence in where it will take you.

This path is meant to be walked by anyone who feels the call to guide others into their bliss and freedom. This is your invitation to deeply embrace yourself and your calling!

We've also updated the Syllabus to reflect the new pathway and to break it all down for you

Download the Syllabus Here


Blossom, a graduate from our last training (and now assistant for the upcoming training and co-facilitator of our next Bali retreat!), had these beautiful words and insight into the training journey with us. 

“For anyone considering this, DO IT, my god, it was such a beautiful container and I'm so honoured to have shared this experience together. Since completing the SAFT training in Bali back in November, I took a few months to more fully integrate the teachings and practices which allowed me to gain further clarity on the direction I wanted to take this work in. I think that’s the beauty of this training - there’s so many opportunities and so much potential for creativity in the ways in which this work can come to life and truly be a of service in devotion to the healing and liberation of sexual awakening.

South East Asia has been my home for the past 18 months and it didn’t take me long to recognise the lack of awareness, safety, deep presence and wisdom that’s missing from a lot of the sensual spaces being facilitated here - in particular they tend to be incredibly heteronormative and quite exclusive to a particular portion of privileged individuals.

As a queer person with a disability and my fair share of sexual trauma I have found being in these spaces not only uncomfortable, feeling very unwelcome, but at times quite unsafe and re-traumatising. After countless conversations with friends and acquaintances in passing I realised that the queer community here is in real need of safer, inclusive, empowering spaces to explore conscious intimacy.

As a response to this, I created a chat group to gather those interested in exploring sensual, sober, kinky, tantric, intimacy events without the heteronormative binary blah-blah that are more inclusive, trauma informed, discreet and divinely delicious! Before even launching the first event there were over 40 people eagerly waiting in the group to dive in and within 1 week of running our first event the group grew to over 100 members.

The first two events sold out (in fact sold more than capacity which was a bit of a squish and I had to find an alternative venue for the second event!) and the group continues to grow each day with very little input from me directly. It is clear that this work is so very needed, so vital and it is an honour to be able to create these spaces and share the beauty, healing, pleasure and liberation of Tantra, Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Intimacy to ALL beings ready and waiting to dive deep into this work!!”



We are excited some of our next training will be filmed as part of a new documentary called “Tantrika - A Documentary. Sex, religion, liberation and self-improvement - what is Tantra?”

You can learn more about the project here.

It’s an excellent opportunity to get this work out to the mainstream, and we are proud to have been asked to be part of this project. This documentary will likely help our school to gain more international recognition and offer our facilitators more opportunity to thrive in their careers.

There is still time to join us in Spain for the Level 1 Training and be potentially featured in this documentary by sharing your story or being in the footage (or not if you don’t wish to be!).

The training is a 12 day dive into facilitating Sacred Sexuality workshops and temple nights- by joining us in May you can kick start your career THIS SUMMER and start selling out sexy events and creating the career of your dreams.


We'd love to support you on your facilitation journey with this live immersion and ongoing support via Evolving Eros Facilitation. 

We have updated our syllabus with all the information you need about how this training can support you in stepping into the magical vortex of sacred sexuality facilitation.

Check out the new syllabus here.

Apply directly here if you’re ready to take your next steps with us and to join us in Spain. 


Invite the longings of your heart to this space.

Honouring and celebrating this life force pulse that is SO powerful beyond what we can comprehend.

Bowing down to the energy of love, a force so potent it can overwhelm our whole lives, fill us up, and tear us apart.

Let the pulse of love cut through your shame and leave you innocent, naked and bare on the earth.

Honour this power and be humbled, lest its repression becomes a shadow in our life that can wreak havoc on your heart and mind.

Eros wants your devotion, it wants you to offer your heart, body and soul to it.

When you devote yourself to love and Eros, the rewards are so sweet. So nourishing. So empowering.

When you ignore this energy in your life, take it for granted, shame it, judge it, cling to it asking for more, more, more...

It can destroy you.

What are you offering to Eros?

What do you lay on the altar this powerful expression of lifeforce?

How do you honour it?

If all you do is take, crave, cling, want...

And give nothing back,

Eros will not gift you an abundance of beauty, passion, romance and love...

Working with Sacred Eros is not about what you can take or get.

It's not for manifesting your dream lover who will save you from yourself and your lonely heart.

It's what you can give and how willing you are to devote yourself to love again and again without condition.

Lay your heart at the altar Eros and surrender your ego while you're at it- Love doesn't care for your identities and labels.

Eros wants to connect, inspire and give generously.

It wants community, intimacy and devotion.

Lay your offerings and longings at the altar.

Devote yourself to love, passion and intimacy with it all.

The love that's always already here and everywhere

And maybe Eros will gift you the eyes to see it. The chance to live it. The senses to receive it. The presence to take it in.

The wounds in your heart and the separation in your soul can not be healed alone.

Only when we admit the longing in our hearts to be united with the Eros pulsing through the earth and each other can we finally receive the medicine and overflow with the Nectar of love.


~ Luna



Learn how to deepen the impact of your event offerings with our 90 minute Sexy, Sacred and Safe event facilitation webinar. 


The Sacred Sexuality and embodiment space offers opportunities for people to awaken to their pleasure and power. Facilitators can have a thriving career helping others on this path, contributing to the liberation and healing of love on this planet. 

Join us for a journey of possibilities and to learn some practical skills you can start implementing immediately if you already are running events or inspire you as you move towards creating some in the future. 

You'll learn about the three keys to creating juicy, liberating and empowering sexuality events, and how you can bring more transformational magic to your offerings.

You'll receive practical insights from a highly experienced practitioner about how you can start adding even more value to your attendees through the following three elements.

Learn more about this masterclass and grab the webinar at a pay what you feel amount here.



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