How the Sacred Sexuality Movement is like the Aviation Movement

social post Mar 15, 2023


Back in the early days some crazy genius dreamers designed aircraft's through a lot of trial and error. They pioneered with their genius to help humans be able to fly.

In the process many planes crashed and burned and a lot of people died over the history of aviation... but also humans gained the ability to easily and quickly travel the world, spread cultures, wisdom and traditions and adventure everywhere.

At first it was a risky thing and only brave (and wealthy) adventurers dared take flight, and when they did they knew the risks.

Over time thanks to scientific innovations and lots of trial and error, the aviation industry became safer and safer. 

The right checks happen, there are procedures in place and it's extremely rare for a crash to happen. It's a pretty safe thing to fly and it's also become more accessible and affordable with so many airlines and price points. It's not just for the most privileged but these days most humans will take a flight in their life.

I consider the sacred sexuality world to be on a similar trajectory. 

So far some wild and brave pioneers have been bringing these teachings and experiences to some privileged few who took the risks and got to 'fly' through their inner world and liberate the power of Eros and life force.

In the process many people have also been harmed and hurt. Some never recovered, some did. 

This is part of the pioneering energy of bringing something new to the world...

But it CAN be possible to make 'flying' (in this case- liberating your sexuality and gaining access to transformational, healing and awakening work) something that is much safer and available to more people so that it's not just the privileged few who get to have this opportunity.

Some don't like the sounds of this, perhaps because they get off on their 'specialness' of being in a privileged group...

But lots of us see how much the world could benefit from this work becoming the normal.

There are ways to make sacred sexuality spaces safer while still getting us to the destination.

There are ways to minimise harm and maximise impact.

We are still in the pioneering days but we are Evolving.

We can only evolve by coming together, integrating the wisdom of both the ancient sacred paths and the modern scientific knowledge that innovates.

I sense that consciousness wants to evolve this way and allow more people to free their Eros and more love to blossom in this world, and that can only happen if we can make these spaces safer, more impactful and more inclusive.

I'm calling in all of those innovators and pioneers inspired by the evolution to join us in Evolving Eros Facilitation Course & Community where we will learn from one another and discuss important topics for our collective liberation.

What do you think of this analogy?

How do you see the evolution of this field happening?

We'd love to hear your thoughts!

- Luna

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