Fellow Love Liberator + Sensual Artist, this is an invitation for you...


A new wave of Sacred Sexuality and Intimacy facilitation is emerging.


The field is evolving and a new depth of awareness, sensitivity and transformation is required as we enter a new paradigm of love and relating. 

This is more than an online course, it's an offering to the collective evolution of Eros, bringing together leaders in the field to co-create, inspire and revolutionize the way we hold space for sensual liberation and awakening. 

We invite you to become part of our growing and evolving community of facilitators, practitioners and space holders who are devoted to the liberation of love on this planet. 

The Pillars Of Evolving Eros

Grounded Education


Our courses have been put together by teachers with countless hours of learning and experience.

They are passionate about what they do and want to share this passion with you so you can get the best start in this field.

Discover what it takes to hold deeply healing and transformational space as a Sacred Sexuality Facilitator for a more diverse range of beings.

Expert Guidance


You don't have it figure it all out alone. Our team is here to support you as you take your first steps on this journey.

Save yourself from making needless mistakes by learning from those who have walked this path before you.

Find confidence in receiving quality education from qualified and experienced experts. 


Inspiring Community


We can achieve so much more together.

Join a global community of fellow leaders to learn from, co-create with and be inspired by as you journey the roller coaster that this path can be. 

Let's connect, have powerful conversations and co-create the new paradigm together!


Join the Sensual Revolution

You feel it too, don't you?

There is a movement arising; a huge shift is underway in the conscious sexuality and spirituality world.

A new wave of Sacred Sexuality and Liberated Love is emerging into the collective.

One that is more grounded, inclusive, accessible and trauma-informed.

It's bridging the gap between science and spirit

The mundane and the Sacred

Intuition and Rationality. 

It is sexy, potent, empowering and full of juicy erotic experiences, allowing participants to deepen their relationship to self, other and life itself, dissolving the 'othering' and bringing compassion and acceptance to the forefront.

It is a movement being led by people (like you!) who are doing this work from a place of deep Dharma and service, because they have been through the fires themselves and long to assist others on their path to liberation.

We're here to support people like you to evolve with the shift and thrive as a facilitator. 

This isn't something we believe any single person holds the answer to, so we've brought together multiple facilitators and experts to share their wisdom in one place.

We're here to bring together these revolutionary lovers and creators to evolve the work and uplevel leaders in this field. 

If you're sharing in this vision and participating in this movement, then we want to connect, support and co-create the future alongside you. 

We're inviting you in!


Devotees of love- if you're working in the realms of Sexuality, intimacy and liberation then we've created this for you. 

This is the space for you if...

✧ You have experience and training already under your belt, but you know the work is never done and there is always more to learn, ways to upgrade your skills and a desire to connect with other leaders in this field as we all die deeper into these important topics. 

✧ You're taking your first steps as a facilitator and you want to set yourself up to rock it... so you want all the information, inspiration and education you can get so that you can feel more confident as you step into this work.

✧ You're a Coach, healer or yoga teacher and you're wanting to broaden your skill sets and move into running live events, workshops or immersions. 

✧ Perhaps you're doing 1:1 sessions or other work in the field and you want to be part of this community, learn more about Sacred Eros and be part of the evolution!

Are you coming with us?

Yes! I'm Feeling The Call!

Evolving Eros Facilitation is a movement that emphasizes the importance of bridging therapeutic and transformational approaches through trauma-awareness, shadow work, integrative approaches and social justice for a body/mind/soul approach and through the lens of our collective inter-dependance and how that relates to this body of work. 

This requires us to: 

  • Do the inner and outer work to elevate our facilitation skills to really make this work truly impactful, liberating and accessible to those who feel called to the work

  • Dismantle our internalized bias and perceived norms to cultivate a deeper understanding about the affects of systems of oppression and the long lasting affects of colonization on our spiritual and relational reality so we can transcend the old paradigm ways that no longer serve humanity. 

  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable having hard conversations and allow our hearts to crack wide open with unconditional love and compassion as we all traverse these challenges and changes

  • Integrate spiritual practices with our modern understanding of the nervous system and the way that trauma impacts our bodies, behavior's and neurobiology

  • Really 'know our shit' and embody what we teach

  • Hold space with the utmost integrity, for the good of all beings, to create a more loving, free and empowered future for humanity

We are here to support our community in birthing a new wave of modern spirituality, Sacred Sexuality and Tantric teachings that evolve to help more people and thrive and awaken in the world.

Why do we need an Eros Revolution?

It's not really a secret that there have been a lot of controversies in the past years in the NeoTantra and Sacred Sexuality world.

We’ve been watching the shadows of the past wave and inquiring, innovating and evolving.

We know there is so much power and goodness to be found in Sacred Sexuality work and it’s vital we continue to offer spaces for folks to dive into their sexual wounding's, repressions, conditioning and shadows.

We understand that sexuality and intimacy a space of trauma, hurt and pain for so many of us, so we must approach it with love, care and awareness.

We want the Eros Revolution to be for everyone - not just the privileged, predominantly white, hetero community…

but accessible to every individual who feels the call - queer folks, BIPOC, disabled and diverse beings are all invited to the party.

We want people leaving workshops and events feeling more free, expressed and seen- not leaving with more trauma to work through in coming years or an aversion to this work at all because of ignorant space holding. 

While this work can never be done perfectly, and nothing can ever be totally safe- there are ways we can hold these spaces with a level of support and integrity that does create more beneficial outcomes in peoples lives. 

This movement will take a collective...

We value a variety of opinions and perspectives and we want to lift up more voices on conversations in this field, so we've brought in support. 


Your Guest Teachers


Meeting Trauma with Care and High Integrity in Workshop Spaces

Justin Michael Williams

Finding Your Authentic Voice in the Movement for Equality

Jessica Harvey

The Difference Between Neo and Classical Tantra and the Sexual Practices in Each Domain


Celebrating Queerness: Effective Inclusivity for Facilitators

Sanya Alaya

Trauma awareness, Deep Dive into Pleasure and the therapeutic potential of Tantra and Kink

Laura Deva

What makes a teacher a transmitter of universal wisdom and not just a smart speaker?

Victoria Redbard

Where Temple Arts meets business


As mentors and teachers of future facilitators, we're often asked ...


What do I do if trauma comes up with a participant in my container?


What do I do if I get a 'creepy' person killing the vibe?


How do I use the right language so I don't get cancelled?


What do I do if someone wants to cancel me?


How do I offer erotic spaces where people feel free but also safe?


How do I decolonize my work and make it safer for people from marginalized groups on a practical level?


How do I market and sell out my events when I hate social media?


Wait, did I join a sex cult? (or accidently start one?)


These types of questions are so common and we are here to give you some support to find answers and practical ways to move through situations that arise for a lot of people who do this work.  

Are you ready to receive expert support and guidance?

Our course content

Check out what we have inside the extensive course library for you to check out

Here we get started with the foundations and perspectives around embodiment facilitation in general.

Uncover your big “Why” and set clear intentional motivations for doing this work. Understand what it takes to move through cycles of transformation with a deeper understanding of embodiment foundations as we shine a light on the dangers of this work and how to reduce harm

  • Intentional Motivations
  • Finding your big “Why”
  • Cycles of Transformation
  • Resistance and Grounding
  •  Embodiment Foundations 
  • Dangers of this work

Here we dive into information that is useful to all folks who are working in the field of sex, love and intimacy... from Sacred sexuality foundations, working with self pleasure, conscious relating, running play parties, attachment and more.

  • Sacred Sexuality Essentials
  • Guiding Solo-sexual Explorations
  • Teaching about “Sexual Energy”
  • Deep Dive into Pleasure
  • Play Parties and Temple Nights
  •  Conscious Relating
  •  Attachment 101
  •  Alternative Relationships and Ethical Non-Monogamy 

If you're working with Tantra or spirituality, this section is for you! We'll chat about Tantric principals that can be applied to your work no matter what you teach, working with Ritual, understanding the difference between Neo and Traditional Tantra plus how to support students who are having a kundalini awakening.

  • Tantric Principals 
  • Rituals of Intimacy Masterclass
  • Kundalini, Chakras and Bindus
  • Recommendations for Kundalini Awakenings
  •  The Difference Between Neo and Classical Tantra

Take a journey with us into the underworld to unearth the shadows of sexuality as the healing potential of tantra and kink is revealed. Cultivate a deeper, trauma-informed, awareness of the power and possibilities of the use of kink for awakening and liberation.

  • The Erotic Shadow Intro 
  •  Integrated Kink E-book 
  •  Podcasts and resources
  • Seducing the Shadow: Intro to Shadow Work Webinar
  •  The Healing Potential of Tantra and Kink - Sanya Alaya

Discover what it takes to create safe, sexy and sacred events with integrity and embodied leadership. Find out the common facilitator mistakes and how to avoid them, with a clear understanding of the difference between transmission vs method.

  • Safe, Sexy and Sacred Event Facilitator Webinar
  • Embodied Leadership 
  • Common Facilitator Mistakes
  • Transmission vs. Method
  •  Leadership Mindset and ideal states for leaders
  •  What makes a teacher a transmitter of universal wisdom and not just a smart speaker (Laura Deva)

Integrate our modern understanding of the nervous system and the way that trauma impacts our bodies, behaviors' and neurobiology with the spiritual practices and how to apply this knowledge to hosting events and holding transformation space.

  • Trauma - What it is and Different Trauma Responses (Sanya alaya)
  • Trauma Awareness Applied to Hosting Events (Sanya alaya)
  • Therapeutic Spaces Meet Transformational Spaces - Podcast with Mia Mor
  •  Meeting Trauma with Care and High Integrity in Workshop Spaces (Shelby Leigh)


How do we create a more diverse and inclusive environment for our work? Here we bring the lens of social justice and spiritual liberation together as we explore topics like Queerness, racism and ableism as it relates to embodiment and spiritual work.

  • Intro to Inclusivity
  • Abelism with Blossom and Luna
  • Finding Your Authentic Voice in the Movement for Equality with Justin Michael Williams
  • Celebrating Queerness: Effective Inclusivity for Facilitators
  •  Social justice and the wound of separation

Let's talk power dynamics, ethics and consent! This is an edgy and loaded topic with many perspectives, here we share our take at the Sensual Arts School and open a conversation around the teacher-student dynamics, culty behaviours and other issues that have shown up in our community.

  • Ethics and Power
  • Types of Consent
  • Care teams at events
  • Spiritual Narcisism and God Realm delusion
  • Cult dynamics

How do we navigate challenging situations that can arise in our events? What happens when things don't go to plan? Here Ranger T will bring his Burning Man ranger skills to us to give us some tools for staying cool when things get sticky.

  • consent violation policies and procedures
  • from rupture to repair- podcast episode
  • Mediation tips

There is no point being a great facilitator if no one shows up to your events?! In this section we talk about the business of facilitation.


  • Tris: Empower Your Vision With Clarity
  • Tris: Alignment & Flow In Business
  •  Victoria Redbard- Where Temple Arts meets business 


Ready to help awaken the new wave of Sacred Sexuality and Liberated Love?

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The Initiators

Compiling this course, holding point and bringing the community together.

Luna Agneya

Course content and Live community calls

Luna (she/they) is the Headmistress of the Sensual Ars School and a passionate Tantrika, Sensualist, Ritualist and creatrix. She has been running events, retreats, workshops and taking a space of leadership in the field of conscious sexuality for 10 years, and moved full-time into this aspect of her work in 2019 as she retired from the adult industry to be a facilitator and coach.

She runs successful retreats, workshops and events around the world and is passionate about trauma-informed, sacred and empowering spaces to explore the erotic and the joys of connection, having a deep desire to be of service and give back to the beautiful humans in this world. 

Luna studied VITA Tantric Sex, love and relationship coaching with Layla Martin, trained as a yoga, meditation and pranayama instructor, breathwork instructor, Transformational Facilitator as well as doing multiple trainings and in the fields of Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Trauma integration, psychodynamic constellations, communication, Yogic tools and relationship healing. 

She's been studying NonDual Shaiva Tantra at the Tantrika Institute with Christopher Wallis since 2019.

She is passionate about the path of embodied liberation as well as education, consent, relationships, shadow work and awakening. 

Triss Tashi

Business, Marketing and Situation Management

Tristen has spent 12+ years helping small and large companies succeed with digital marketing.

He's worked for marketing agencies, and start-ups and run multiple small business ventures.

He now dedicates his knowledge, experience, and skills to serving the sacred sexuality space. As a Business Coach, he supports coaches and facilitators who are committed to healing others and our planet and want to live their best lives.

As the Co-Lead of The Sensual Arts School, he manages the marketing, business development and operational side of the business.

Tristen's experiences as a Burning Man Ranger translate well to navigating the diverse and edgy spaces that can emerge in the sacred sexuality field.

Your Guest Teachers

Let us introduce you to our first guests for this online journey together as we plant the seed of this creation. 

Over time even more guests and contributors will be added to the ever growing library. 

(Want to be a future guest? Contact us!)

Shelby Leigh

Shelby Leigh, LPC has over 15 years of clinical practice, a Masters degree in Somatic Psychotherapy, two coaching Certificates and numerous trainings in the Somatic treatment of trauma. Between her own journey with complex PTSD and supporting thousands of students and clients, she is ignited by supporting folks across the globe to be able to support themselves and the people they work with to move from simply surviving to truly thriving.

Shelby offers somatically based trauma-informed trainings for companies and organizations deepening their education and professional development around how we create safer spaces for themselves and those they work with. She also supports coaches, therapists and health and wellness entrepreneurs in 1:1 nervous system support as they deepen and expand their professional work and businesses.

Justin Michael Williams

From growing up with gunshot holes outside of his bedroom window to sharing the stage with Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra, Justin Michael Williams knows well the power of healing to overcome. 

He is an award-winning author and speaker, and Grammy-nominated recording artist who has been featured by The Wall Street Journal, Grammy.com, Yoga Journal, Billboard.com, The Root, and SXSW®. With his groundbreaking book Stay Woke and over a decade of teaching experience, Justin has become a pioneering voice for diversity and inclusion in wellness. 


More: www.justinmichaelwilliams.com

Jessica Harvey

Jessica Harvey, PhD, is an MIT-trained organic chemist, founder of Bliss Science, and your Tantric Scientist. After a successful 10-year career as an academic researcher in organic chemistry & neuroscience, she broke free of lab life to pursue experiments in consciousness & sacred sexuality (a different kind of ‘chemistry,’ you might say)

She became a neo-tantra teacher + sex & relationship coach, and have been studying emotional intelligence, trauma healing, and sexuality ever since, while walking the path of non-dual shaiva tantra.

Her professional credentials include certification by the International Coaching Federation at the PCC level, Layla Martin's Sex, Love, and Relationship coaching (VITA), and Process-Oriented Psychology with David Bedrick.


Mx Gili

Gili (they/them) is an intimacy educator and pleasure activist who curates, facilitates and hosts inclusive and trauma informed experiences, which are body, sex, kink and spirituality positive.

As an aspirant of devotional Tantra, Gili’s aligned with an approach founded in love, presence, polarity, ritual and expansion. These practices are further informed by a Queer understanding of life, sexuality, and gender as abundant spectrums and a commitment to challenging power structures and paradigms which act to indoctrinate and dissociate body from spirit. 

Currently based in Berlin and offering events, workshops and 1:1 sessions in person and online.


Laura Deva

Laura’s background as a clinical and criminal psychologist and her life immersions in traditional tantra, embodiment and trauma are a rare mixture. This combination makes her uniquely suited to see beyond forms with clarity and compassion enabling breaches for core emergence.

She has been leading groups internationally since 2012 through transformation with dedication to collective change and genuine care about the emergence of a new civilization based on freedom from conditionings and awakening of human’s hearts.

Laura is part of the teaching faculty at Highden Temple and at The International School of Temple Arts (ISTA). She also offers online courses, online mentorships and local in person events and practice.

Victoria Redbard


Victoria Redbard is a speaker, author, facilitator and altogether business badass. Over the past 3 years she founded the Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy™, a globally accredited sexuality school honing its cutting-edge Self Pleasure Modality™. 


She is also the driving force behind the Enlightenment in The Bedroom events, the Tedx of sexuality held in 9 locations over Australia. Through a delicious mix of intuition, instinct, and passion she wakes people up to the innocent aliveness of their erotic nature.


Sanya Alaya

Sanya Alaya is a trauma informed body and mind therapist, specialized in holistic wellbeing and sexuality. She is trained and certified by the Sexological Bodywork Institute, Erotic School of Mysteries and Creative Consciousness Coaching Academy.

Coming from a background of transforming her own traumas, chronic pain and autoimmune disease into a fulfilled life of love, consciousness and pleasure, she now facilitates trauma informed workshops and 1:1 sessions, using techniques and tools from Tantra, Tao, Shadow Work, Conscious Kink, Tantra Massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Dearmouring, Breathwork and Meditation.

 What this course is...

  • An epic library of discussions, lectures and masterclasses on topics related to Sacred Eros, Facilitation, business and related topics that will help you become a more knowledgeable, informed and empowered leader.

  • An ever-growing library of wisdom from experienced teachers in the field that will keep you up to date with topics that are alive in the field and answering your important questions on how best to serve in this work

  • A community of others who are on the path to get support and connect with, giving you access to a global network of fellow facilitators and therefore even more wisdom!

  • A space for inquiry into deep topics related to the field and industry as it evolves and grows so you can challenge yourself to show up and do the inner work required for this work to become the liberatory and revolutionary movement it needs to be.

  • A pre-requisite for the Sensual Arts School live trainings and residencies- so if you want to join us in-person some time then you'll need to get started here!

 What it's not...

  • A certification or something that will alone qualify you to be a teacher. We firmly believe in-person training is essential for becoming a competent leader, whether with a mentor/apprenticeship over a series of years or a teacher training. This course is a great start or an amazing resource to go along with your other trainings or experience.

  • A course with tools or practices to teach to others. Again we believe it is important to experience a practice live in a group, or have a deep embodied transmission of it, to teach it live. As much as we can learn online, it can't replace the in-person transmission! The course is for education and further study rather than about giving you more practices to teach. 

  • A place for gossip, aggression or attacking certain groups. We are interested in the progression of the field and sharing wisdom rather than becoming a space to shame others, so non-violent communication and compassion is key if you want to join and engage with this community. 

  •  A place to find 100% black and white definitive answers on how to 'do it right' . We believe life is far more complex and nuanced so we aim to give perspectives and insights without jumping to definitive answers or dogma. This is also why we include other teachers and schools of thought beyond our own. 

Hear From One Of Our Graduates

Jessica Harvey- Sensual Arts Facilitator Training Graduate 2022


This offering is for you if…

  • You feel a deep soul calling to facilitating events in the field of Sacred Sexuality, Tantra and Relationships

  • You’re taking your first steps into this field and want to start with a powerful foundation and understanding of this work

  • You’re a seasoned liberator who wants to deepen into topics around decolonising, inclusivity, trauma awareness and ethics to take your work to a new level

  • You are here to be in service and devote yourself to love and liberation on this planet

  • You are committed to guiding others with integrity and expertise

  • You know the power of eros and acknowledge the profound responsibility that it is to hold that power

  • You want to be part of leading the new wave of sacred sexuality that is trauma-aware, inclusive, empowering and grounded

  • You desire to bring more juiciness, pleasure, love and play into this world that is accessible to all

  • You are longing to connect with like-minded leaders in the field who want to come together to have conversations around important topics for the good of our global community

  • You are ready to co-create, collaborate, hold accountability and be held accountable in a community of Sensual Revolutionaires 

This Is Me!

The Sensual Arts School was officially created in 2019 when our Founder and Lead Teacher, Luna Agneya launched her first online course - Sensual Ropes, the Art of Conscious Bondage.

The intention of the school is to provide queer-friendly Sacred Sexuality and Neo-Tantra where people of all genders and sexualities can explore their inner Sensual Artist, bringing together high-quality, trauma-aware and inclusive teachers to run workshops, retreats and trainings around the world.

Luna then created the Sensual Arts Facilitator Training in 2022 in honor of the new wave of Sacred Sexuality - inviting others who see the potential for this work and who want to share it with integrity and expertise can come together and thrive together.

 We now have teachers from a variety of countries as part of our community, running events around the globe!

Discover what it takes to hold deeply healing and transformational space as a Sacred Sexuality Facilitator for a more diverse range of beings and up-level your space holding skills and create truly empowering spaces for all, supporting the healing of sexual and relational trauma

Yes Please!

We’re all in this together...

We get it, with great power comes great responsibility. It can be scary AF to say yes to something this radical and game-changing. That’s why we’re in this together as a community to hold each other accountable, you’re not alone.

With many schools and teachers being called out in the past years for abusive behaviours, cult dynamics, homophobia, ableism, grooming, misogyny, pressuring people to cross their own boundaries and unfortunately so much more… It can be difficult to know who to trust.

We have seen the pitfalls and the toxic leaks, and we have been visioning how to do it cleaner, clearer and better.

We have created a code of ethics, accountability structures and a training to nurture facilitators who have a passion for this liberating work and who want to show up with integrity and skill.

A movement takes a community of leaders committed to doing better, and we request that this community also holds us accountable, with love, to stay in alignment with what we want to bring to the world.


Plenty Of Reasons To Join us

By becoming a member of Evolving Eros

You will receive:

 ✧ Access to an ever-evolving content library in the form of online courses and guest facilitator classes (live classes  are recorded and then uploaded)

 ✧ Industry-leading professional contributor trainings - giving you insights, transmissions and invaluable information for your facilitator journey

✧ Monthly community calls with our team for Questions and Answers

✧ A community forum for support and connection with chat areas, inspiring and educational threads, DM functionality and challenges to keep you growing

✧ Opportunities to join us live at events, trainings and residencies. 

Your Investment

We have three payment options to make it as accessible as possible for you to join us for this journey.

We know this resource will help you become a more confident facilitator and it will be well worth your professional investment in this level of support!

What's Included

  • Full course library of video classes, masterclasses and podcasts

  • Online Eros Facilitator Community Forum

  • Private podcast stream to listen to the lectures easily on-the-go

  • Access to live workshops with Guest Facilitators

  • Access to monthly community calls and conversations

  • Lifetime access




Instant Access

Payment Plans

3-Month Plan

Three monthly payments of €500 per month.

Instant Access

6-Month Plan

Six monthly payments of €250 per month.

Instant Access

10-Month Plan

Ten monthly payments of €150 per month.

Instant Access

Low income offering

We offer low-income pricing to people from countries with economic disadvantages, for people who are serving marginalized communities, and for single mothers and can't afford the full cost.

This is for those who genuinely can not afford the cost of the course/plans and need the support. You must be in one of these categories and in a situation where you genuinely can not afford the cost to be considered. For everyone else please utilize out 10 month payment plan, it's worth it!

     - Folks from Marginalized groups (Trans/disabled/ BIPOC etc) and not in full employment
    - From countries with low exchange rates where the western pricing is totally inaccessible
    - Single parents who are struggling to get by on their current income
Please contact us with a message about who you are, what you're doing in the world and why you're appropriate for the discount. 

We only offer a few of these a month as we have a big team to pay for this course and can not offer more discounts. 


We'd love to have you be part of this revolution

Let's connect, inspire and co-create the new paradigm together!


With love and liberation,

The Sensual Arts School team

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