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Sexy, Sacred and Safe Event Facilitation


We offer a 'pay what you feel' option for you to decide what you can afford for this webinar! For context, we usually charge 20-40 euros for something like this.

When considering what to pay please be honest with yourself on what is 'fair' exchange and what you can genuinely afford! For example, if you have enough money to be able to buy yourself a nice cup of coffee at a cafe, consider that same amount to be the minimum to pay. If you have a savings account, investments, and stable income then consider paying the full 20-30 euro and supporting our work fairly 

If everyone only pays the minimum we will have to remove this option. 

So take a breath, close your eyes and feel into the value you get from what we offer at the Sensual Arts School (all the free content we create, podcast, videos etc) and what your genuine financial situation is, then find a number to pay that feels aligned and fair.

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Learn how to deepen the impact of your event offerings


The Sacred Sexuality and embodiment space offers opportunities for people to awaken to their pleasure and power, and facilitators can have a thriving career helping others on this path, contributing the the liberation and healing of love on this planet. 

Join us for a journey of possibilities and to learn some very practical skills you can start implementing immediately if you already are running events, or inspire you as you move towards creating some in the future. 

You'll learn about the 3 keys to creating juicy, liberating and empowering sexuality events, and how you can bring more transformational magic to your offerings.

You'll receive practical insights from a highly experienced practitioner about how you can start adding even more value to your attendees through the following three elements.



Create a space of permission for people to explore their sexuality.

It's more than just a theme for an event or the practices you provide. Creating a space where people feel juiced up and ready to dive into the power of their sexuality is a skill, a transmission and an artform. 

I'll share my top tips on how you can bring out the sexy magic in your events.



What do people need to liberate themselves and awaken?

It's not just about burning some palo santo and dressing up in spiritual clothing, it's understanding the process of transformation and the path of awakening.

It's about knowing how to invite people into this unfolding without needing to be pretentious, culty or fake about it.


A truly safe space enables your attendees to give themselves more fully and to receive all the fruits of your practices.

While we can never guarantee total safety, it is an important element that enables healing and transformation to happen.

We'll discuss what this can look and feel like in events and how it can bring people more empowerment and healing.