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Seducing the Shadow Masterclass


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What if all of you, even the uncomfortable parts, could become your lover?

We talk about self love and loving ourselves a lot, but how many of us ACTUALLY love all of ourselves? What about the jealous parts? The spiteful parts? The scared ones? Do you REALLY love, accept and embrace these 'bad' parts as a perfect and magical expression of the divine?

Shadow work is working with the unconscious and lost parts of ourselves that we may have ignored or rejected, but these parts are still there as part of our larger selves- and they're still impacting our lives, our relationships and our sexuality.

When we learn to lovingly accept and embrace ALL parts of ourselves (or even getting turned on and activated by them!) then we can really become whole and integrated beings. Taking a Tantric approach to shadow work, in this class we will explore and liberate a part of our unconscious and learn to become it's lover. It's remembering that we are always already perfect, whole, divine and unbroken- we just forget it sometimes!

Join me for this 100 min webinar where we will explore a simple yet powerful process to communicate with your unconscious and learn, accept and LOVE a part of you that you may have been rejecting or fighting against. This is a simple yet powerful process that you can use again and again to bring more integration, love and pleasure to your whole being.



In this 100 minute masterclass and guided practice, you will...

Learn about Shadow Integration work

What is Tantric shadow work? Why would we want to do shadow work and what kind of results will you see? We'll discuss how NonDuality and Shadow work go hand in hand and the psychology behind it.

Explore embodied inquiry

Free your mind and the rest will follow! Learn about how our thoughts and judgments can keep us in separation and suffering and what you can do to liberate the mind while connecting with your body and regulating your nervous system. 

Make your shadow your lover

Together we'll go through a simple yet powerful process to explore an aspect of yourself that causes you discomfort, suffering or is somehow stopping you from having the life you want and learn how to explore this piece, accept and embrace it and merge eros with it, so you can become it's lover!



This is a pre-recorded masterclass from a 2021 class at the One World Tantra festival online. You'll hear about a course that we're no longer running at the end of the masterclass so you can feel free to skip that!