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Sexual Self Healing Masterclass


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You were born to Thrive

Your sexuality is a vital part of who you are. Your body is full of potential for all the bliss, joy and pleasure the world has to offer!

Unfortunately many of us experience numbness, trauma, pain and disconnection from our bodies due to our culture, our history and our lack of a holistic and empowering pleasure education.

Somatic Healing

Looking at the process of
healing from the body. We
will discuss how trauma is
held in the body and why it
is so important to release
that trauma if we want to


Mindset & Conditioning

How healing happens
through the mind and the
breaking of conditioned
habits. We explore how
mindfulness, shadow work
and therapeutic modalities
help us to heal.


Soul Healing

The spiritual aspect of
healing, how our
connection to our sexuality
is directly connected to our
divinity, and how spiritual
sexual practices can help
us to reclaim our power.


In this 1 hour webinar we will explore the journey of sexual healing and pleasure reclamation, and what steps are needed to move to a thriving, healthy and epic sexuality.

All genders and sexualities welcome!

This masterclass will teach you about:

  • The Path of Sexual Self-Healing
  •  Pleasure and Healing
  • Healing from the Body
  • Healing from the Mind
  • Healing from the Soul
  • An Embodied Self-Healing Practice
  • Going Deeper


This is a recording of a masterclass from 2021, At the end you'll hear more about the course 'Deep Self Worship' which is now available at any time and not in the live format shared in this masterclass