With Luna Agneya, Headmistress of the Sensual Arts School

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A Masterclass designed to give you inspiration, tools and techniques for bringing the power of ritual to your erotic life.

Suitable for people of all genders and sexualities. 

Get access to this 1 hour masterclass about the Art of Ritual, plus a guided ritual practice for couples!

Create more passion, safety and magic in your relationship with transformational Sacred Sexuality rituals.


In this 60 minute masterclass, you will learn how to harness the power of ritual for your erotic life...

  • How rituals can help you create spaces for deep connection, truth and vulnerability.
  • Rituals for modern day life- Simple, grounded and powerful ways to reclaim ritual in your busy lives.
  • Bio-hacking Passion and how to recreate NRE,  plus co-regulate and attunement with NeoTantra 
  • The transformative power of the Erotic, why Sacred Sexuality is a powerful healing cataclyst 
  • Ritual foundations- Create your own unique rituals that work with your desires, needs and level of ‘woowoo’ 
  • Manifesting passion… how Sex Magick can help you create the relationship and life you dream of. 

+ Guided Ritual audio practice.

Included in this workshop is a 30 min guided ritual audio for you to follow along and explore a 'Tantric' Ritual with your lover- Suitable for all genders and sexualities. 

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Hosted by Luna Agneya,

Owner of Sensual Artistry, Headmistress of the Sensual Arts School and creator of Awakened Eros.

Luna is a Sexuality & Intimacy coach certified by the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, a Tantrika and certified Yoga, meditation and pranayama teacher, a kink positive, queer and sex positive educator, Erotica artist and facilitator.