Liberated Love, Somatic Sensuality & Tantric Intimacy for Creative, Unique Beings

The Sensual Arts School offers online courses, workshops, teacher trainings and retreats for those who are looking to liberate themselves from shame and conditioning, reconnect with the inherent pleasure and vitality of their being, dive deep into their inner truth and power, get creative with their sensuality and build deeper and more authentic relationships with others. 

We are a Queer-friendly, kink-positive and poly-friendly school, aiming to offer education and teachings that are inclusive of a variety of lifestyles and orientations without judgment- We believe we get to make our own rules when it comes to love and relating and find styles and experiences that work for us!

Combining the philosophy teachings of ancient Tantric wisdom masters, Modern Somatic Embodiment approaches, Neo-Tantric Sacred Eros tools and the grounding of modern therapeutic techniques for a holistic approach to conscious sexuality and embodiment education.

We're proudly trauma-informed and welcoming of all seekers who want to explore their sensual essence. We provide a grounded approach to this work that many people find approachable, understandable and un-dogmatic. 

We offer courses and pathways for various levels on your journey to liberation and embodied awakening.

Welcome to the Sensual Arts School!



Bring more Pleasure +
Sensuality into your life

Pleasure is your birthright and Sensuality is not just about our romantic relationships, but how we engage and play with the world. 
We live in the realm of the senses and many of us have let our bodies become numb and shut-down over the years. We feel less and think more! Reclaiming your pleasure is reclaiming your connection to life, to the divine and to your path of healing.
When we are able to provide ourselves with pleasure, we are less co-dependent, less consumer based and more empowered- which is why there is so much restriction on our sexuality from Institutions and capitalists. 
Embracing your Sensual nature is not just about hedonistic pursuits but about shifting your relationship to life, your body and the earth. 


Intimacy with depth 

The Sensual Arts School is grounded in the teachings of Shaiva Tantra- a spiritual path towards awakening and liberation that is deeply embodied and suited for people who are living in the world.
The Tantric path of intimacy is about seeing the body as divine and sexuality as a powerful life force energy that can be consciously utilised for our liberation and awakening. 
 We find a new layer of depth and meaning in our relationships and allow them to be a space of deep nourishment and a place for our evolution.
We weave Tantric philosophy and traditional practices with modern somatics and embodiment work to provide an accessible entry point for the modern practitioner and spiritual seeker. 

Trauma Informed 
grounded education

We're passionate about bringing trauma-informed practices and events to the world because sexuality and relationship is a space where most of us hold trauma and pain, and on our journey towards wholeness we can sometimes unintentionally create more woundings when we're seeking in the wrong spaces. 
Exploring sexuality and spirituality can be an intense and profound experience and we believe that having a grounded and holistic approach based on modern therapeutic tools, neuroscience and somatic embodiment work is what provides the deepest healing that lasts a lifetime. 
We also are passionate about helping train other facilitators and leaders in this field who can hold the integrity to approach this work with the compassion and sensitivity it requires.


Upcoming Events 


A 4-day immersion into Tantra

The path of Liberation, Awakening and Ecstasy

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Want to have an immersive, in-person initiation into the Sensual Arts? Check out our live events and retreats happening globally. 

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Course Library

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Freebies and resources

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The intimacy education you deserve

Intimacy and sexuality 'should' come natural right?
Unfortunately, the art of deep, harmonious, nurturing and passionate relating isn't so common these days and many of us grew up with a disturbingly poor education around sex, intimacy and relationships. We have no real role models for how a thriving, nurturing and erotically empowered relationship looks like!
Especially for people who are queer, kinky and creative!
Investing in your adult education can bring so many benefits in all areas of your life.
When we are feeling safe, loved, desired and in deep connection with other humans we THRIVE! We have better health, more energy and feel more ALIVE!
Investing in your erotic education will bring truly powerful and positive changes to your life.
At the Sensual Arts School you'll find Queer friendly and inclusive Tantra, sacred sexuality, conscious kink, empowerment work, shadow work, rituals and all kinds of sensual magic in easy-to-follow and practical online courses and workshops. 


Our Latest Couples Course


Tantric Intimacy

NeoTantra for Couples


Liberate the Depths of Love

Curious about the path of Tantra and what it can do for your relationships?

Come and dive into this 3 part journey for couples, exploring the Yoga of love and intimacy through spiritual practices based on Tantric teachings.

Over these 3 sessions, you and your partner will explore some of the profound practices and principles of Tantra, designed to deepen connection and intimacy.

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Start here if you're ready to go on a journey of Self Discovery with the Sensual Arts School

Sensualist Essentials
a course designed for your embodied awakening.
Featuring daily practice meditations to drop you deeper into your body, deeper into presence and getting your more in touch with your sensual nature.
It's suitable for all genders, ages and experience levels- whether it's your first time diving into Sensual Embodiment or it's you've been exploring for years!


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Deep Self Worship

Deep Self Worship is an online journey created to give you all the foundations, inspiration, tools and education you need to start your journey into neo-tantra and the path of liberation! 
Over these 6 weeks you will learn to master conscious self-pleasure, explore the path of solo Tantra through meditation and the tools of awakening, and transform your relationship to yourself.


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Eros Energy Play

Want to learn how to penetrate someone to their core- without the need for physical penetration?
To move erotic energy with your lover, awaken their subtle bodies, connect beyond the physical and even explore how to bend your gender?
Through Erotic energy play and energy sex, we can open up a whole new world of intimacy!
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Online Course and Community


A new wave of Sacred Sexuality and Intimacy facilitation is emerging.

The field is evolving and a new depth of awareness, sensitivity and transformation is required as we enter a new paradigm of love and relating. 
This is more than an online course, it's an offering to the collective evolution of Eros, bringing together leaders in the field to co-create, inspire and revolutionize the way we hold space for sensual liberation and awakening. 
We invite you to become part of our growing and evolving community of facilitators, practitioners and space holders who are devoted to the liberation of love on this planet. 



Liberate Eros, Liberate Lives

Become a trail-blazing Sacred Sexuality Facilitator leading the new wave of Conscious intimacy and Tantric relating with the Sensual Arts School

→    Discover what it takes to hold deeply healing and transformational space as a confident, inclusive, trauma-aware Sacred Sexuality Facilitator

→    Gain professional and high-quality knowledge, skills and experience from top-level  industry experts and world-class tantric teachers

→    Step into a brand new career in one of the most radical, empowering and truly rewarding industries of the modern era

Sensual Arts School


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The Sensual Artistry Podcast

Diving into Erotic Awakenings and Liberated love with your host Luna! 

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Freebies and Resources

Want to get started on your Sensual Arts journey, but want to get a feel for our work first?

We love offering freebies for people to explore this work, and so that we have something to offer those who have less access to money who want to get going on their liberation journey.

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What our students are saying...


The 7 days I spent working with Luna and Tris was amazing.

They created an incredibly safe container for the group and myself to flourish and open, exploring topics that could be difficult or challenging to many. What really lights me up is bringing spirituality to sensuality, sexuality and kink, and this is exactly the direction I felt they approached it from.

It was fun, it was exciting, and ultimately it felt fresh. These areas are not new to me, so to have space to explore in new ways and have new concepts presented to me was exciting and at times thrilling.

I went with my partner, and I'm so glad I did. We journeyed into new levels of surrender to each other, creating more trust and deliciousness between both of us (YAY!). We had a very deep and connected relationship before we went, and this was truly an enhancer of this.

Not only do I feel safe to return and work with them again, I actively desire to see what else they create and enjoy their playfulness all over again.

-Ryan, 2022

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