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for Creative, Unique Beings



The Sensual Arts School offers online courses, workshops and events for people who are looking to liberate themselves from shame and conditioning, dive deep into their inner truth and power, get creative with their sensuality and build deeper and more authentic relationships with others. 

We are a Queer, kink and poly friendly school, aiming to offer education and teachings that are inclusive of a variety of lifestyles and orientations without judgment. 

Combining the teachings of ancient Tantric wisdom, modern Neo-Tantric Sacred Sexuality tools and the grounding of modern scientifically proven therapeutic techniques for a holistic approach to conscious sexuality and embodiment education.

 We're proudly trauma-informed and welcoming of all seekers who want to explore their sensual essence!


Bring more Pleasure + Sensuality into your life



Pleasure is your birthright and Sensuality is not just about our romantic relationship but how we engage and play with the world. 

We live in the realm of the senses and many of us have let our bodies become numb and shut-down over the years. We feel less and think more! Reclaiming your pleasure is reclaiming your connection to life, to the divine and to your path of healing.

When we are able to provide ourselves with pleasure we are less co-dependent, less consumer based and more empowered- which is why there is so much restriction on our sexuality from Institutions and capitalists. 


Intimacy with depth + meaning.


The Sensual Arts School is grounded in the teachings of Tantra- a spiritual path towards awakening and liberation with roots in modern Yoga and Buddhism. 

Tantra helps us to accept and embrace all of reality, to cultivate more presence and awareness and to strengthen our energy body and our connection to earth and spirit. 

The Tantric approach is about integration of the mind, body and heart, exploring NonDuality and unity consciousness and can feel pretty damn magical!

Deep connection and love is what all humans deeply desire at the core, and Tantra helps us to experience it. 

Trauma Informed + grounded education


We're passionate about bringing trauma-informed practices to the world because honestly- we live in a traumatized world where a lack of safety, connection and love have left us separated and divided. We're often addicted to stress and have dysregulated nervous systems!

Exploring sexuality and spirituality can be intense and profound experiences and we believe that having a grounded and holistic approach based on modern therapeutic tools, neuroscience and somatic embodiment work is what provides the deepest healing that lasts a lifetime. 

The Sensual Arts School
Online Courses

The Art of Tantric Kink


Like things hot and kinky... but also want the depth, intimacy and transformative aspects of Tantra?

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Sensual Ropes

The Art of Conscious Bondage.

Learn shibari from the lens of sacred sexuality and healing. Learn to tie your partner up and how to guide them through a rope ritual. 

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Deep Self Worship

12 weeks to master self-pleasure, explore solo tantra and transform your relationship to yourself.

Dive into your pleasure potential and move from self love to self worship.

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Shadow Self Worship

A deep dive into Nonduality, Tantra and shadow work for deep healing and transformation. Worship the totality of your being.

12 week journey, runs once a year. 

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Desire Playground

 Sacred sexuality, communication and intimacy practices for couple who want to explore NeoTantra and creative conscious intimacy. 
Queer friendly practices for all genders!

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Pleasure Yoga

A foundational beginers course about pleasure, sensuality, embodiment and Tantric Yoga. 

Through asana, breathwork, dance and self pleasure you can expand your capacity for pleasure. 

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Energy Sex

This course will initiate you into the art of erotic energy play, allowing you to explore penetration beyond the physical realm.

Amazing for both Queer and Hetero beings exploring their erotic potential

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A masterclass where you will learn how to harness the power of ritual for your erotic life...

Learn how rituals can help you create spaces for deep connection, truth and vulnerability, plus a guided ritual

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A masterclass where you will learn about the powerful process that you can use again and again to bring more integration, love and pleasure to your whole being.


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Sexual Self Healing

You will explore the journey of sexual healing and pleasure reclamation, and what steps are needed to move to a thriving, healthy and epic sexuality.


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Sexy, Sacred and Safe Event Facilitation

You'll learn about the 3 keys to creating juicy, liberating and empowering sexuality events, and how you can bring more transformational magic to your offerings.

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Live retreat and events

Want to have an immersive, in-person initiation into the Sensual Arts? Check out our live events and retreats happening globally. 

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For Professionals

The Sensual Arts Facilitator training


Liberate Eros, Liberate Lives.

Become a trail-blazing Sacred Sexuality Facilitator leading the new wave of tantric relating and conscious intimacy with the Sensual Arts School

  • Discover what it takes to hold deeply healing and transformational space as a confident, inclusive, trauma-aware Sacred Sexuality Facilitator

  • Gain professional and high-quality knowledge, skills and experience from top-level  industry experts and world-class tantric teachers

  • Step into a brand new career in one of the most radical, empowering and truly rewarding industries of the modern era


Applications for Europe 2023 Now Open

Evolving Eros Facilitation

Online Course and Community


A new wave of Sacred Sexuality and Intimacy facilitation is emerging.

The field is evolving and a new depth of awareness, sensitivity and transformation is required as we enter a new paradigm of love and relating. 

This is more than an online course, it's an offering to the collective evolution of Eros, bringing together leaders in the field to co-create, inspire and revolutionize the way we hold space for sensual liberation and awakening. 

We invite you to become part of our growing and evolving community of facilitators, practitioners and space holders who are devoted to the liberation of love on this planet. 

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Your Headmistress

Meet Luna Agneya,
Owner of Sensual Artistry & The Sensual Arts School. 

 Luna is a Sensuality and Relating expert- teaching, coaching and creating events & immersions in the field on Sensuality and conscious connection for many years. 

A certified Integrated Sex, Love and Relationship coach, Tantric Yogini, event manager and designer, Luna has fused together her many skills and passions into projects dedicated to the liberation of people through the erotic, through relationships and through the shadow work of kink and taboos. 

She is passionate about trauma-informed approaches to deep healing and integration work and is dedicated to the path of embodied liberation and awakening.

 Read more via her full coaching and teaching website.

More about me

The Erotic Education you deserve

Intimacy and sexuality 'should' come natural right?

Unfortunately, the art of deep, harmonious, nurturing and passionate relating isn't so common these days and many of us grew up with a disturbingly poor education around sex, intimacy and relationships. We have no real role models for how a thriving, nurturing and erotically empowered relationship looks like!

 Especially for people who are queer, kinky and creative!

 Investing in your adult education can bring so many benefits in all areas of your life.
When we are feeling safe, loved, desired and in deep connection with other humans we THRIVE! We have better health, more energy and feel more ALIVE!

Investing in your erotic education will bring truly powerful and positive changes to your life.

 At the Sensual Arts School you'll find Queer friendly and inclusive Tantra, sacred sexuality, conscious kink, empowerment work, shadow work, rituals and all kinds of sensual magic in easy-to-follow and practical online courses and workshops. 

Some free guides to help start your erotic awakening

Check out these resources to inspire, educate and liberate your life.

1 Rope, 2 Ties, 3 Days


This 3 days journey offers you an introduction to tools for creating a sensual, intimate experience through the power of bondage... and only using 2 knots and 1 piece of rope, for simplicity and ease!

Pay what you feel!

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Eros Liberation

3 free guided tantric pleasure practices for you to  explore your erotic essence

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Integrated Kink


Want to learn about conscious, embodied and empowered BDSM? This 42 page e-book is full of powerful tools and tips for bringing more healing, pleasure and play into your life.

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The Sensual Artistry Podcast

Diving into Erotic Awakenings and Liberated love with your host Luna! 


What our students are saying...

Sensual Ropes

"For 1,5 years I'm on the side of the rope bunny and for a while, I feel the wish to get in touch with the ropes on the other side... And I know my partner would love it because he is a switcher. But I really feel shy and unsafe about the active role and the handling of the ropes.

So I bought the online course (I always had it in my mind, that I would love to this course because I like the idea of the ritual) and we started to practice with it. And I'm really surprised about myself and how much fun I can have on the other side and with the ropes.

The course gave me a way how to start and what to practice and now I'm really excited to play with my partner and to show him, what I learned. For me it was a the perfect start to get in touch with ropes and a much more dominant role.

Thank you Luna so much for your work. I feel inspired a lot!"

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