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About Us

The Sensual Arts School online platform was officially created in 2019 when Luna launched her first online course- Sensual Ropes, the Art of Conscious Bondage. 

The intention of the school was to provide an online portal for queer-friendly Sacred Sexuality and neo-tantra where people of all genders and sexualities could have access to practices and content that helped them explore their inner Sensual Artist.

Slowly the online school grew and more collaborations started emerging.

In 2022 we launched our first Facilitator training and started welcoming others to become official Sensual Arts Facilitators- with the intention to bring together high-quality, trauma-aware and inclusive teachers to run workshops, retreats and trainings around the world. 

Our Team


Our Values

As a school and community, we connect through shared values and aspire to be part of a collective wave of empowerment, liberation and love. This can look different ways to different people, so we wanted to share with you what that looks like for us currently!




We value accessible and grounded approaches to spirituality and sacred sexuality at the Sensual Arts School.

We know that many people in the world could benefit greatly from this work but are off-put by the problematic elements of the modern spirituality scene.

We aim to share in a way that most people can understand, to provide a variety of options for people depending on their physical abilities and needs when it is possible. We recognise accessibility is not always possible and not every offering can be for everyone. We also are not currently a charity and are unable to provide everything free to everyone. We try to provide low-income options, sliding scale pricing and high-quality free material for people when we can.



We value consent, conscious communication and trauma-awareness as foundations for harmonious and compassionate relating. We aim to do our best to make interactions consensual and empowering and move towards integrating and healing trauma rather than creating more of it.

This includes us being aware of power dynamics and fawning responses that arise in group dynamics and hierarchies. We do our best to educate ourselves as leaders and empower our participants to make decisions in alignment with their truth.



We believe pleasure is a birthright and our sexuality is a core part of our human expression. That intimacy, sex and play are healthy and essential parts of life that deserve respect, honouring and exploration. We recognise how trauma and conditioning are wrapped up in these areas of our lives due to centuries of repression. We aim to create spaces to explore pleasure and sexuality with as much safety and respect as reasonable.



We value holistic liberation through inclusivity and are actively working towards being anti-racist, queer celebratory, accessible to those with disabilities and challenging patriarchal and capitalist conditioning.

We aim to understand and acknowledge systems of oppression and colonialist conditioning that have brought us away from our true nature and to gently dismantle and dissolve these narratives that hold people back from their authentic expression and freedom. We also offer scholarships and low-income options for people who want to do this work but cannot access monetary resources due to systematic inequality.



We love our Earth and recognise the importance of regenerative work. We see how our disconnection from our own body and that of the planet are interwoven and aim to use our embodiment and healing work in collaboration with earth-based healing, ecosexuality and running our training in spaces that are in harmony with its environment.

Our plans for a permanent space involve restorative work and permaculture and inviting this to weave in with our spiritual and relational healing work.



We value community and thriving together as a collective while honouring our unique gifts and abilities. We created this community-centred training to combine efforts and co-create rather than be in competition and scarcity. We know we are stronger when we work together and that we all have unique strengths, needs and abilities.



Our school is based on the Tantric tradition and path. We honour the lineage and traditional teachings of NonDual Saiva Tantra while also aiming to bring the principles, philosophies and practices into the context of our modern-day environment and experiences.

While some of our team are Tantrikas on this path, we don't push or need our community to hold these same beliefs or be part of this lineage to be involved in the school.



We also value unbiased science and modern therapeutic practices, research and data that help us to discern what are the most effective and safe methods for bringing healing and liberation to people.

We want to bring together the best of ancient wisdom teachings with modern science and understanding- the mystery and the rational.

We understand science isn't always unbias and that the mystical can not be measured, but take what we can from both realms and discern what are best practices to the best of our ability. 



We may add more with time as they come to light.