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Founder, Lead Teacher

Luna has been running events, retreats, and workshops and taking a space of leadership in the field of conscious sexuality for ten years. She moved into the sacred sexuality space after ten years in the adult industry. 

With multiple trainings and certifications in the fields of Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Trauma integration, Yoga and relationship healing, she is passionate about education, consent, relationships, shadow work and the path of awakening and liberation.



Teacher, Business Director, facilitator

Tristen has spent 12+ years helping small and large companies succeed with digital marketing.

He now dedicates his knowledge, experience, and skills to helping coaches and facilitators committed to healing others and our planet bring their magic and live their best lives.

He is passionate about helping sacred sexuality spread throughout the world to create more love and connection.



Teacher, Facilitator

Sanya is a trauma-informed body and mind therapist specialising in holistic wellbeing and sexuality. She is trained and certified by the Sexological Bodywork Institute, Erotic School of Mysteries and Creative Consciousness Coaching Academy.

Her heart's mission is to empower her clients to embody their sensuality, playfulness and wild self-expression, unravel conditioning, be fully and unapologetically who they truly are.


Jessica Harvey, PhD

Sensual Arts Facilitator

Jessica Harvey is an organic chemist and neuroscientist who left her academic research career to explore consciousness and sacred sexuality. After discovering tantra, she spent over four years in full-time study and practice, which helped her connect with her body and let go of overthinking. Now, she helps CEOs, founders, and leaders in tech, science, and consulting achieve fulfilling sex lives and connected relationships using her methodology that combines parts work, meditation, attachment theory, trauma, and hatha yoga. Her professional credentials include certification by the International Coaching Federation, Layla Martin's Sex, Love, and Relationship coaching, and Process-Oriented Psychology with David Bedrick.


Blossom Leela

Sensual Arts Facilitator

Blossom is a certified Love, Sex and Relationship Coach and Sensual Arts Facilitator who believes in radical self-love, erotic embodiment, and eco-sensuality. She combines the practices of Sacred Sexuality, Vipassana Meditation, Non-Dual Shaiva Tantra, and Erotic Ecology to teach individuals to liberate their erotic life-force energy, cultivate a deeply intimate and reciprocal relationship with life, and soothe humanity’s core wound. Blossom's methodology aims to dig out the root of human suffering and restore a sense of wholeness by recognizing our innate interconnectedness with the whole of existence. She seeks to embody truth and love by offering her work to others.



Sensual Arts Facilitator

Kali left her optometry career and began a path of self-discovery by training in multiple yoga styles, energy work, somatics, and women's circle facilitation. She believes in the power of vulnerability and embodiment of emotions and blends these tools to ritualize expression and liberation through the body. Kali is passionate about curating transformative journeys and attunes to Goddesses' energy to use sensuality as a gateway to spirituality.

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Paul Jude

Sensual Arts Facilitator

Paul has over a decade of experience working in the gay adult industry and has extensive training in energy healing modalities, including Intuitive Healing, Akashic Records, Astrology, and Bodywork. He aims to help people remember who they truly are and to deepen their self-love to awaken their unique gifts and personal freedom. Paul's mission is to assist people in shedding the addictions and distractions of mainstream society.

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Sensual Arts Facilitator

Laurence is a passionate and creative embodiment coach with over 20 years of experience in various trainings and self-studies, including Ayurvedic massages, Rolfing, shamanism, yoga teaching, and sensual exploration. She helps women reconnect with their bodies and sensuality to unleash their creative power and achieve liberation and freedom. Laurence believes that once women anchor themselves in their bodies, they can become the best versions of themselves.

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