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We offer courses and workshops for individuals, couples and professionals. 

We recommend everyone start with our Sensualist Essentials course which will give you the foundational practices of our school and set you up to dive into any other course!

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For Individuals

Sensualist Essentials

Daily Somatic Practices for Sensual Awakening


We've designed this course with simple yet powerful daily practices that can easily fit into busy lives. These practices aim to enhance your senses, nurture your soul, and lead you toward a more fulfilling and engaged life. The course encourages regular, short practices, emphasizing their effectiveness over infrequent longer ones. Engaging in these rituals isn't just a routine; it's a self-love commitment that helps you align with your authentic self and transform your relationship with your body over time.

Imagine embracing a daily ritual that revitalizes your senses, nurtures your soul, and guides you towards a more embodied, pleasurable and engaged life.


Solo Sacred Sexuality


Deep Self Worship is an online journey created to give you all the foundations, inspiration, tools and education you need to start your journey into neo-tantra and the path of liberation! 

Over these 6 weeks you will learn to master conscious self-pleasure, explore the path of solo Tantra through meditation and the tools of awakening, and transform your relationship to yourself.

Journey into your body, heart and soul and unravel the conditioning and limiting stories that hold you back from your full erotic potential.



For Lovers


Tantric Intimacy


Learn sacred intimacy practices for deep, profound connection. This journey is for couples and will take you through 3 deep sessions to enhance your intimate connection, communication and erotic charge.

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Eros Energy Play

This course will initiate you into the art of erotic energy play, allowing you to explore penetration beyond the physical realm.

Amazing for both Queer and Hetero beings exploring their erotic potential. Explore the dance of surrender, trust, play and presence in this special course.

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Sacred Intimate Bodywork

This course introduces the powerful practice of intimate massage, often called 'Tantra Massage',which focuses on genital worship, healing and empowerment.

Combining meditative presence, ritual, massage technique, breathwork and energetics, you will learn how to create an experience for your partner that is both transcendental and totally embodied as they experience the hidden potential of their erotic body.


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For Professionals

SEXY, SACRED + SAFE event facilitation

A webinar recording for those wanting to run empowering, sexy, playful and healing sacred sexuality spaces.
Get a feel for what we offer at the Sensual Arts School as well as tips on how to make your events more sexy, sacred and safe!
This is a great starting point if you're curious about our offerings for facilitators. 



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Online Course + Community

This course is an offering to all Eros facilitators- current and emerging.
A supportive resource, wisdom library and supportive community for those in the field to learn from one another, grow and evolve. 
It's an offering to the collective evolution of Eros, bringing together leaders in the field to co-create, inspire and revolutionize the way we hold space for sensual liberation and awakening. 
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The Sensual Arts

Facilitator Training

Become a trail-blazing Sacred Sexuality Facilitator leading the new wave of tantric relating and conscious intimacy with the Sensual Arts School
Our level 1 and 2 live trainings are where you can learn how to be a professional facilitator and guide events, workshops, retreats and immersions into the Sensual Arts
Step into a brand new career in one of the most radical, empowering and truly rewarding industries of the modern era.

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Sexual Self Healing Webinar

You will explore the journey of sexual healing and pleasure reclamation, and what steps are needed to move to a thriving, healthy and epic sexuality.
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A masterclass where you will learn about the powerful process that you can use again and again to bring more integration, love and pleasure to your whole being.
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