Are you searching for a profound way to deepen your bond with your partner?


Do you long to explore new realms of intimacy and connection that transcend the ordinary and expand your orgasmic potential?


This course introduces the powerful practice of intimate massage, often called 'Tantra Massage',

which focuses on genital worship, healing and empowerment. You will learn how to give a Yoni (Vulva/vagina) and a Lingam (Penis) massage to your beloved, which can result in an increased capacity to experience pleasure, deep healing, full body or energetic orgasms and more. 


Combining meditative presence, ritual, massage technique, breathwork and energetics,

you will learn how to create an experience for your partner that is both transcendental and totally embodied as they experience the hidden potential of their erotic body. This can open up the body to more sensitivity, to exploring sexual energy and how to move it through the body and help to move through numbness, old unconscious pleasure patterns and even has the potential for healing trauma. This practice also teaches the receiver to let go and surrender into deeper feeling and receptivity which can be incredibly empowering and transformational. 

You will be guided with high quality tutorial videos where you will be able to follow along with a couple who are doing the massage, so you can see the correct technique for the strokes to help you feel more confident with offering the massage. You will learn new strokes and techniques to help invite your partner to experience more pleasure in more areas of their body. We recommend you do the massages twice with the video, then, once you've learned the techniques, you can offer it 'freestyle' at your own pace and follow your intuition! The massage videos are about 45 minutes long, when combined with the intro communication, drop-in and aftercare, you can expect the practice to last about 90 minutes each. 

I also share in the course some ways to take the practice deeper by starting with different practices to make a full intimacy ritual, and also share about aftercare. 


This is an advanced and deep practice so it is essential you complete the Tantric Intimacy online course first, so that you have the foundational skills and tools to bring your partner to the depth that this process has to offer. The practices in Tantric Intimacy lead perfectly to being able to offer the massage in a way that has the depth, energetics and openness to fully experience the benefits.

Yoni Massage

This is a massage of the vulva and inner vagina (though penetration is not necessary if the body is a no!) which allows the receiver to map the pleasure centers on their body, release tension held in the vagina and open to more pleasure. We will explore the outer vulva, the vaginal canal, the G-spot, the A-Spot and the cervix. The process can be emotional, ecstatic, empowering, tender or all of the above! Many people find this an incredibly healing and empowering process when it's held in a loving and safe space, so doing it with a partner or close friend can be incredibly beneficial. The giver also learns so much about the Yoni in the process, gaining more confidence in offering pleasure and exploring this space.


Lingam Massage

This massage is supportive for opening the receiver up to new possibilities for pleasure beyond typical penetration and habitual patterns of self-pleasure. You'll learn to move sexual energy through your body as you receive, to delay ejaculation and even experience orgasm without ejaculation, to find more pleasure in slowness and to take away performance anxiety to learn to open to a more receptive expression of sexuality which is more linked to multiple orgasms and full body pleasure. Often people find this massage helps with issues of premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, numbness and problems caused by porn addiction. The giver will also learn to find more pleasure and enjoyment in offering, to step into this devotional energy and enjoy bringing their partner on a journey into their pleasure potential!

This course is only available for people who completed the Tantric Intimacy

The cost is €160 and it can be added to your cart at checkout


Queer Friendly

We chose to instruct using gender neutral pronouns so that more bodies can enjoy this practice! You can do this course if you're straight, gay, non-binary, trans or any gender! If you're intersex we also mention this and you can still follow along, learn and alter the massage techniques to work with any unique configuration of genitalia you have.

This course is not for people who want to offer massages professionally or do this with one night stands- the practice requires an intimate connection and established trust. If you want to massage professionally it is essential you do a professional training to learn about power dynamics, deep consent work and ethics which are not covered in this course as it was created for people already in relationship. 

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