Liberate Eros, Liberate Lives.

Become a trail-blazing Sacred Sexuality Facilitator leading the new wave of Conscious intimacy and Tantric relating with the Sensual Arts School

Discover what it takes to hold deeply healing and transformational space as a confident, inclusive, trauma-aware Sacred Sexuality Facilitator

Gain professional and high-quality knowledge, skills and experience from world-class intimacy educators and facilitators.

Step into a brand new career in one of the most radical, empowering and truly rewarding industries of the modern era

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Is Eros calling you?

Now is the time to say YES to a career helping liberate sexual shame, heal relational trauma and bring more love, play and intimacy into this world.

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Catalonia, Spain

April 30 - May 28 2023

We are awakening.

Many of us have seen through the veil and are now aware that collectively we have deep wounds and shadows around all things sex and love.

These wounds ripple through each and every aspect of our lives, keeping us in separation and suffering.

More and more of us are stepping up to heal these wounds, learning how to cultivate true intimacy and connect with others on the deepest level in ways that support one-another to thrive.

We must continue to create safe and nurturing spaces where people can learn how to explore their desires, their pleasure, and their bodies.

To do so is a beautiful gift, an act of love in the pursuit of a new culture of consent, embodiment, and the sacred erotic connection.

One that is truly inclusive and safe for all beings.

So that we may soothe and mend many of the issues our individualistic and separated society has created, rising together, standing in love, as one.

The Sensual Arts Facilitator Training (SAFT) is a unique offering in this field, giving you a comprehensive education in becoming an authentic and embodied leader in Sacred Sexuality, Tantra and Intimacy work.

The Sensual Artistry Transmission


Build a thriving career running workshops, retreats and events

Being a facilitator and event creator in one of the most radical and empowering industries is an incredibly rewarding and freeing career path.

As a Sensual Arts Facilitator you can help people liberate their eros in profound and life-changing ways whilst also creating the work-life balance you desire.

The Sensual Arts Facilitator Training will give you a comprehensive foundation of the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to start (or progress) your career as a Sacred Sexuality Facilitator.

This training will give you the skills to create trauma-aware, safe and empowering spaces for all beings to discover and explore intimacy.

You’ll also receive in-depth guidance and support with how to build and grow your Sacred Sexuality Facilitation business.

The Sensual Arts School is dedicated to helping you continue to grow and develop as a leader in this space.

We feel strongly that this work should be accessible to all beings who seek to explore the possibilities within this realm. For that reason, one of our core values is inclusivity, something we feel is unfortunately missing from many Sacred Sexuality spaces.

The Sensual Arts Facilitator Training includes modules and guest speakers on:

  • Queer/LGBTQI+ awareness
  • Anti-racism / de-colonising sacred sexuality
  • Disability awareness
  • Power dynamic awareness
  • …and more

We focus on gender-neutral approaches to sacred sexuality teachings, giving more space for people to explore their authentic expression beyond conditioned gender and societal norms.

In support of our work towards the liberation of all beings, we offer a scholarship position at each training for marginalised folx. To apply, you can find the link to the application at the bottom of this page.

Read Our Code of Ethics

Check Out The Complete Course Curriculum

Download the syllabus here to discover everything you need to know to start your career as a Sensual Arts Facilitator TODAY!

The Sensual Arts Facilitator Training is for you if....

❖ You want to run workshops, events, temple nights, retreats or festivals focused on sexuality and intimacy

❖ You're passionate about breaking the cycles of sexual shame, abuse and shut down and want to be part of the movement to heal these wounds in the world 

❖ You love being in queer-inclusive, kink-friendly spaces and don't discriminate based on sexuality/gender/race 

❖ You love to play, explore sensuality and pleasure... and you want to surround your life with this juicy goodness!

❖ You're passionate about trauma-aware, consent-focused and inclusive approaches to exploring sacred sexuality

❖ You've done your inner work and know how to confidently navigate your boundaries, regulate your emotions and be present and centred.

❖ You're ready to step into a leadership role from a place of authenticity, love and balance, and you're interested in doing this work for the benefit of all beings

❖ And- You've got some experience in this realm, fitting one or more of these categories...

- You've been a participant in sex-positive and/or spirituality workshops for a while and want to start your journey as a facilitator and you want to share the gifts you've received from this work with others 

- You're already exploring being a facilitator but want to learn new tools and skills to deepen your knowledge- You know that there is always more to learn and ways to deepen your skills and experiences.

- You're a coach, therapist, yoga teacher or healer who wants to bring your work to group settings and build your toolbox of practices and techniques for working with intimacy and sexuality

From our past training...


SAFT Graduate

"I loved the facilitators' delivery and authentic transmission, as both held their individuality and honoured their expression.

Their embodiment allowed an expansive experience on the me and that ripple was deeply felt.

The content of the training combined with how to showcase it to the world through business workshops gave me a beneficial starting point and felt like a good anchor to begin this journey as a facilitator.

The care and curated events after a full day of learning were very much appreciated.

Overall, there was a relaxed air with a sense of completion at the end which felt whole and easeful, grateful for that!"

Accepting Applications

If you've read the syllabus and feel ready to take the next step in your journey, apply now by clicking here.

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A Message From Our Lead Teacher


What You Will Receive From This Training

1. A deep and embodied experience of this work that supports the up-levelling your awakening journey and your transformation and growth

2. The practical skills and tools for teaching this work, including a manual with exercise descriptions, workshop blueprints and educational information

3. An appreciation for trauma awareness and safety so that your work can be truly healing and revolutionary

4. Specific and tailored business and marketing training and support that will help you bring your work into the world and achieve your desires

5. The opportunity to create the career, events and lifestyle that supports you best in your unique way

6. Connection to a strong community of facilitators to collaborate, co-operate and share with on this journey

The path to becoming a sacred sexuality facilitator

Week 1.

Journey Into the Self

The first week of the training is dedicated to solo practices and personal development.

You will learn how to guide meditations, dance, embodiment tools and rituals to help people get in touch with their bodies, emotions and sexuality.

Learn about the physical, energetic and emotional body, Tantric practice and philosophy, and how to work with all of these layers of self. You'll gain a deep understanding of the nervous system, trauma and the keys to empowering your students.

Week 2.

Intimacy Building and Connection

Here we start to explore how to safely guide people into intimacy and connection, using consent-focused tools and practices. Exporing verbal and non-verbal communication, Neo-Tantric intimacy building tools, icebreakers and more. 

Learn how to create a group field of permission of expression while creating boundaries that support safety in the group so people can really dive into the work while feeling supported and empowered.

Week 3.

The Erotic Shadow

You'll go beneath the surface as we explore erotic shadow work through practices like conscious kink, primal play, archetypal work, power dynamics and liberating shame.

You will learn how to use sacred sexuality work for profound transformation and de-conditioning while keeping safety and healing at the forefront. It's also a lot of fun!

This work will also empower you as a facilitator- deepening your understanding of power dynamics, projections, ego and transformational processes.

Week 4.

Bringing it all together 

Our final week focuses on your skills as a facilitator- inviting you into your full power and expertise in this field.

We'll continue to grow your confidence as a facilitator. You will be encouraged to find your unique flavour by combining your skillset and personality with the tools to create an authentic expression as a teacher and leader.

There will be a final written and practical assessment where you will guide a workshop to show your skills and receive feedback.

Business And Marketing Training 

Each week of the training, you will attend a workshop on building and marketing your business. You’ll progressively cover all the essential aspects of creating and establishing a successful facilitation business.

Each week will include education, clear outcomes and support around the following topics:

  • Creating a business plan that will guide you toward success
  • How to market and promote your events
  • How to grow your brand
  • Scaling your business
  • Event Management and Logistics
  • Small business management

You'll also learn how to plan and run events, create flow in your workshops and build community.

Hear From One of Our Graduates

Video Poster Image

Not Your Standard Training


In case you haven't already gathered, we are not your average school.

We have been innovating and expanding on what is currently offered in the Sacred Sexuality space to create the most comprehensive and professional experience while keeping the transmission of Sacred Sexuality and Tantric liberation alive and powerful. 

We'll cover various practices and tools from the Tantric tradition, as well as modern practices for building intimacy and connection, combining it all with an understanding of transformational processes, rituals and the path of liberation. 

This allows you to choose how 'woo-woo' you want your future offerings to be, whether you want to work with more mainstream crowds or do more esoteric work. We love seeing people fuse this work with their unique transmission and create beautiful offerings for the world.

During the training, we will explore ethics, risk management, dealing with conflict, and other helpful knowledge for those stepping into this field to have confidence and support.

You can read our CODE OF ETHICS here to see more about our values and what we implement.

By the end of the training, you will have created your first workshop and guided fellow participants in it. You’ll receive expert feedback throughout the process to continue exploring, growing, and evolving your facilitation skills.

From our past training...


SAFT Graduate

"I found this training to be a beautiful combination of self-exploration and teacher training.

This stuff simply works, it was beautiful to see and feel that.

The team members’ and especially Luna’s sharing of their valuable experience in the field was inspiring and to the point.

The business parts were particularly helpful for me, they went quite a bit deeper and were more applicable than in any of the yoga teacher and therapists trainings I did so far."

What kind of events you can create after this training?

Over the four weeks, you will get a foundation in many aspects of embodiment, sexuality, relationships and love, which gives you opportunities for various offerings.

You can create events that are more or less sexuality-related and more or less spirituality-focused, so you can adapt the practices and layouts of events to suit your unique transmission and desires. 

Here are some examples of what you could create with this content!

  • Temple nights or conscious play spaces
  • Self-love workshops/retreats
  • Embodied sensual/erotic dance
  • Intro to solo Tantra
  • Self-care and self-healing
  • Self-pleasure
  • EcoSexuality
  • Emotional Alchemy
  • Empowerment
  • Conscious communication
  • Consent and boundaries
  • Rituals of Intimacy
  • Erotic energy play/energy sex
  • Conscious Relating
  • Sacred Sexuality for couples
  • Co-healing and co-regulation for couples
  • NeoTantra for couples
  • Queer Tantra
  • Conscious kink
  • Tantric Kink
  • Primal sexuality/primal playfight
  • Releasing sexual shame

Your Training Team

Luna Agneya

Lead Teacher

Luna has been running events, retreats, workshops and taking a space of leadership in the field of conscious sexuality for 10 years, and moved entirely into this aspect of her work over 4 years ago as she retired from the adult industry to be a facilitator and coach full time. 

She runs sold-out retreats, workshops and events around the world and is passionate about trauma-informed, sacred and empowering spaces to explore the erotic. 

From her early days running Burlesque and erotic performance art events, to fetish parties and kink spaces, to Temple Nights, festivals and retreats- She has many years of lived experience, training, trials and lessons under her belt, and is so excited to put together the kind of training she so wishes she was able to get while stepping into this field. 

With multiple trainings and certifications in the fields of Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Trauma awareness and integration, Yoga and relationship healing, she is passionate about education, consent, relationships, shadow work and the path of awakening and liberation.

Sanya Alaya


Sanya Alaya is a trauma informed body and mind therapist, specialized in holistic wellbeing and sexuality. She is trained and certified by the Sexological Bodywork Institute, Erotic School of Mysteries and Creative Consciousness Coaching Academy.

Coming from a background of transforming her own traumas, chronic pain and autoimmune disease into a fulfilled life of love, consciousness and pleasure, she now facilitates trauma informed workshops and 1:1 sessions, using techniques and tools from Tantra, Tao, Shadow Work, Conscious Kink, Tantra Massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Dearmouring, Breathwork and Meditation.

Her heart mission is to empower her clients to embody their sensuality, playfulness and wild self expression, unravel conditioning, be fully and unapologetically who they truly are and to RECLAIM THEIR LUST FOR LIFE.

To read more about her, follow these links:

Tristen Tan

Business, Marketing and Assistant

Tristen has spent 12+ years of his career helping small and large companies succeed with digital marketing.

He's worked for marketing agencies and start-ups and run small businesses.

He now dedicates his knowledge, experience, and skills to helping coaches and facilitators who are committed to healing others and our planet and want to live their best lives.

Tristen will be delivering the business and marketing components of the training with support from Luna. He has been supporting Luna in her business since mid-2020 to create more structure, flow and abundance.

He will be available for most of the training for individual support and guidance.

Tristen also has a lot of experience as a Burning Man Ranger and will bring his abundant knowledge in de-escalating charged situations that can occur at events, as well as conscious communication tools.


Announced soon

Exceptional Oasis Accomodation

The training will be held at a beautiful oasis in Spain.

A unique space for free expression and a retreat center dedicated to holistic embodiment.

Located in the south of Barcelona and in between of Sitges and Tarragona. The property is in a quiet residential area on a small hill refreshed in summer by the sea breeze. Few minutes walk to the wide and sandy beach.

Featuring exceptional amenities and accommodation in the middle of a huge tropical garden. You will have the opportunity to create a secluded and intimate bubble to explore, learn, share and experience.

Check out more information here

All rooms are shared, and no private rooms are available. If we don't fill the training there may be options to upgrade to a private room in the week before the training. 

An option for parents could be to stay in separate accommodation near the venue with a babysitter and drive in for daily classes. Please contact us to discuss.

Our Vision and your future

We are incredibly passionate about the liberation of all humans on this earth.

We’ve made it our life’s mission to teach the reclamation of sexuality as something sacred, vital to our well-being and worthy of exploration and the awakening of consciousness on this planet.

At the Sensual Arts School, we’re building a network of facilitators doing this work for all the right reasons - to heal shame and sexual trauma, build connections and help people come into their authentic expression.

As a graduate of this training, you will receive paid opportunities to co-facilitate in our future events and trainings, have your events shared through our network and followers, be featured on our site and make online courses for our school to earn passive income.

An investment in this course will not only grow you personally and professionally but open you up to the option of growing with our school as we expand into the future.

Half of the profits from the training go towards investing in growing the online school and a permanent temple/retreat space to host our events and community, creating a home for this work and the movement.

As you invest in yourself, you are investing in us, and we will continue to invest in you, this community and the liberation of all beings.

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What is next if you want to sign up?

If you feel called to join us, the next step is completing the application.

If you're successful, you will be invited on a call to discuss your fit with the training further.

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Sensual Arts School Scholarship

We want Sacred Sexuality teachings to be transmitted to people of all backgrounds, and we need leaders in this field who come from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. 

We understand many people from marginalized communities or countries with weak exchange rate have limited access to money, and we don't want that to be a barrier for those with a calling to work in this field. 

We are offering 1 Scholarship space per training (for a heavily reduced price) to a deserving human. 

We invite BIPOC, LGBTIQ+ and people with disabilities who can not afford the full tuition to apply for this position.

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