Is Eros calling you to a career helping liberate sexual shame, heal relational trauma and bring more love, play and intimacy into this world?

People are waking up to the fact that we collectively have deep wounds around all things sex and love... and these wounds ripple through all of our life.

More and more people are stepping up to heal these wounds, learn how to create true intimacy and connect deeply with others. 

Creating safe and nurturing spaces for people to learn how to explore their desires, their pleasure and their bodies is such a beautiful gift to offer the world. Creating a new culture of consent, embodiment and sacred erotic connection is key to healing many of the issues we face as humans today. 


The Sensual Arts Facilitator training is a unique offering in this field- giving you a deep-dive education in how to become a leader in the field of Sacred Sexuality, Tantra and intimacy work. 

Build a thriving career running workshops, retreats and events 

Being a facilitator and event creator is such a rewarding and freeing career. You can create the work-life balance you desire, help people in extremely powerful and profound ways and make a comfortable (or even wealthy) life for yourself doing what you love.

This training is designed to set you up with all the skills you need to learn how to run trauma-aware and empowering spaces for people to learn about and explore intimacy, how to market yourself and build your business and how to keep growing and developing as a leader in this industry. 

The training focuses on inclusivity (including training in queer/LGBTQI+ awareness, anti-racism training, power dynamic awareness and more)



This 4 week in-person training will give you all the foundations, skills and confidence you need to start (or develop) your career as a Sensual Arts Facilitator. 

You'll be taught skills such as

  •  Creating a safe container- What it means to create intentional spaces
  • Solo sexuality, embodiment and empowerment- Guiding people home to themselves
  • Tantra- the path of liberation and awakening 
  • Sacred Sexuality- Spiritual exploration of the erotic
  • Consent and communication tools and practices
  • Icebreakers and creating a collective field of permission
  • Conscious + Tantric Kink aka Embodied erotic shadow work
  • Breathwork and Pranayama
  • The power of Ritual and how to create ritual experiences
  • Erotic energy play
  • Conscious touch, massage and de-armouring 
  • Sensual Ropes and bondage for connection
  • Creating a flow in workshops and retreats
  • Marketing, business and Sales
  • Retreats and festivals- taking your workshops and events to new levels


The Trainings Focus

  1. Your own personal transformation and growth, giving you a deep embodied experience of the work and up-leveling your own awakening journey

  2. Practical skills for teaching this work, including a manual with exercise descriptions, workshop blueprints and educational information

  3. Trauma-awareness and safety at the forefront so your work can be truly healing and revolutionary

  4. Business, marketing and promotion training so you can bring your work into the world and support yourself in this journey

  5. Creating the career, events and lifestyle that supports YOU best in your own unique way

  6. Creating a strong community of facilitators to collaborate, co-operate and share with on this journey

Luna Agneya

Lead Facilitator

Luna has been running events, retreats, workshops and taking a space of leadership in the field of conscious sexuality for 10 years, and moved entirely into this aspect of her work over 4 years ago as she retired from the adult industry to be a facilitator and coach full time. 

She runs sold-out retreats, workshops and events around the world and is passionate about trauma-informed, sacred and empowering spaces to explore the erotic. 

From her early days running Burlesque and erotic performance art events, to fetish parties and kink spaces, to Temple Nights, festivals and retreats- She has many years of lived experience, training, trials and lessons under her belt, and is so excited to put together the kind of training she so wishes she was able to get while stepping into this field. 

With multiple trainings and certifications in the fields of Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Trauma integration, Yoga and relationship healing, she is passionate about education, consent, relationships, shadow work and the path of awakening and liberation.

Sanya Alaya

Co- Facilitator 


I´m Sanya, Sanya Alaya, living in Berlin, Germany, 35 years old and a Somatic Sexologist & Empowerment Coach. I am a Tantric and Sexological Bodyworker on my path of healing, living my life to the fullest and constantly expanding my abilities to become a Holistic Practitioner of Coaching and Bodywork.

Tristen Tan

Business, Marketing and Assistant


Tristen works with business, marketing and strategy for those in the field of Sexuality, relationships and spirituality. He has been assisting Luna in her business since mid 2020 and helping to create more structure, flow and abundance in the process. 

He will be teaching you how to create a business with flow and ease to support your facilitator journey 

Sound like the training for you?

We're still building things behind the scenes but we would love to chat with you about what you'd LOVE to see from this first round of the training. 

Let's get on a call and talk about your desires, expectations and intentions for becoming a facilitator. 

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