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Recognise your divinity, reclaim your desires & worship the totality of your being



If you know it's time to shift your relationship to your body,

If you know it's time to shed layers of shame, numbness and resistance around your sexuality,

If you know it's time you really, really showed love to yourself (beyond affirmations and bubble baths),

This is the course for you.


Come and explore the art of Tantra & Sacred Sexuality with this powerful 6-week journey.


Deep Self Worship is an online journey created to give you all the foundations, inspiration, tools and education you need to start your journey into neo-tantra and the path of liberation! 

Over these 6 weeks you will learn to master conscious self-pleasure, explore the path of solo Tantra through meditation and the tools of awakening, and transform your relationship to yourself.

Journey into your body, heart and soul and unravel the conditioning and limiting stories that hold you back from your full erotic potential.



 Sound like the journey for you?
Dive on in!

This is the journey for you if...

You want to explore your sexuality and orgasmic potential


You know there is more to your pleasure potential than what you are currently experiencing. Whether you're feeling numb, getting lost in fantasy or porn addiction, shut down, experiencing pain or just feeling a bit 'bleh' around sex and self pleasure, you know there is more out there and you're ready to take action.
We hear about full body orgasms, hour long orgasms, transcendant experiences- but how do we get there? Can everyone feel that?
In this course we explore how to turn 'masturbation' into a spiritual practice so that you can explore the infinite potential of your erotic power, train your body to feel more sensitivity and pleasure and connect to realms beyond the single 'self'
This course is available for all gender expressions, we have had many cis, non binary and trans people go on this journey.

You want to cultivate more self love


Self love is more than just positive affirmations, thinking you're attractive and feeling 'nice'. 
Real, powerful self love comes from deep self acceptance and compassion which is a key practice on the Tantric path. Going beyond 'like' and into unconditional love, presence and deep intimacy with reality.
You are already perfect, whole and an embodiment of divine love... we just have conditioning that tells us otherwise. We think there is always something 'wrong' with us because we are stuck in comparrison. 
This course is designed to give you ways to tap into deep self love, self care and self acceptance that will give you powerful foundations for creating a new relationship with yourself. 



You're ready to step into your sovereignty


Empowerment is essentially about feeling grounded in your being, having self respect and a connection to your inner Truth. 
If you're feeling like you tend to externalise your sexuality, if you're tired of waiting around for the perfect lover to come unlock your sexual power or you're done feeling broken and defeated, this journey will give you tools to stand in your power and bring things back to your center. 
Being in alignment with your true self andgrounding in your heart helps build self trust and authentic expression. This is an internal shift and a deep power that goes beyond tryiing to control the external realms. 
Using spiritual practice, meditation, ritual and emotional intelligence we culitvate skills that help us to feel more empowered and go out into the world with more confidence and love.



So what could I experience as a result of going on this journey?


  • Feeling self acceptance and compassion for you through your life experiences and your healing path, no matter what the journey looks like!

  • Feel more pleasure in your body, expand your orgasmic potential and open yourself to experiences like full body orgasms, energy orgasms and more.¬†

  • Become a more free and authentic expression of yourself through radical self acceptance

  • Feeling more in touch with your emotions and knowing how to express them in a healthy and healing way

  • Feeling empowered with a toolbox of practices to support you thruogh a variety of life situations

  • More confidence in exploring your sexuality and your expression of erotic power

  • Experience deeper and more authentic connections with others in your romantic and erotic life

  • Feel more sensitivity in your body, moving through numbness and blockages

  • Cultivating a regular spiritual and meditative practice.¬†

  • Experience more ecstatic aliveness in your day to day life

  • Connection to something beyond your seperate self, feeling the sacredness of your sexuality.¬†

Yes please!

What people are saying about the course...


Over the past two years I have done half a dozen courses on Tantra and self development from ISTA to a mystery school of sacred feminine arts, but it was Luna’s Deep Self Worship Online Journey that has been the thread to tie everything together for me and apply all the things I’ve learnt to deepen my relationship with myself, my pleasure and my emotions.

To have the revelation that I can alchemise any emotion into pleasure has truly changed my life and was the missing piece to so many puzzles in my personal and also professional life. Thank you thank you thank you, Luna for this gift.

I highly recommend this course to any one at any level of their personal/tantric discovery. Her transmission lands so deeply because of how truly embodied she is in this work, it would be impossible to complete this course without having your mind blown in some way.


I loved the course and the way it was built up, very thought-through. So much interesting information on the mind, the body and the soul (and how they are all interlinked and can block each other). You can really feel that Luna has been studying Tantra, Sexuality, Trauma etc. for years. I am normally very resistant to any kind of sitting-still-meditation so I loved that there were so many active practices addressing different emotions and mind-sets. Also a great dive into spirituality without triggering me too much with all those "eso-buzzwords" which often put me off. I felt very safe in her course and i can highly recommend it.


I can feel a deep reconnection to myself and not only nice feelings but feeling my whole body. My focus is way more clear, I have so much energy during my day that I'm constantly looking for things to do and create with and I'm also looking forward more for moments alone with myself to practice and take care of myself.
On a sexual level I feel like I've entered another level, almost like if all of my sensation just turned up the volume and I'm going to need practice to handle it! I start to enjoy full body orgasm. I can feel how this class will impact for the rest of my life and not only sexually. It's a beautiful gift to make for yourself, to your partners but first of all for you!


Luna’s course is a really beautiful balance of structured theory and yummy practices. Although i know quite a lot on the subject already, I really enjoyed how refreshing was her course. She bring in a lot of simplicity and the sparkling flow of her passion. I recommend her course to anyone wanting to dive into conscious


This course broke me open in the best of ways. I have found many new ways to love myself, and have new awareness around shame and how to support myself through old blockages. The ripples of self-discovery continue to flow outward.

Your Teacher & Guide for this journey...

Luna Agneya 

Founder of Sensual Artistry & The Sensual Arts School
Luna is a Tantric coach and Sensuality and Intimacy expert- teaching, coaching, creating events & immersions in the field on sensuality, intimacy and conscious connection for over 10 years. 
A certified Integrated Sex, Love and Relationship coach, Tantric Yogini, Event manager, Erotic Permformance artist and designer, Luna has fused together her many skills and passions into projects dedicated to the liberation of people through the erotic, through relationships and through the shadow work of kink and taboos. 
Luna is a Queer, kinky, non-monogamous former sexworker who believes in creating safer and inclusive spaces for alternative communities to explore spirituality. 
She is passionate about trauma-informed approaches to deep healing and integration work and is dedicated to the path of embodied liberation and awakening.
Read more via her full coaching and teaching website.


Sensual Artistry

An overview of the Journey 


 There are 6 modules released over 6 weeks, so you get a new module every week. You can go at the pace that works for you, if you want to commit to doing it weekly, fortnightly or even monthly. 

Each module contains some lectures (video and audio) and then your practices for the module- a meditation and an embodied sexuality practice. 

Module 1:

Tantric fundamentals, energetic body activation and foundations.

What is Tantra anyway? And what is it not?

In this module you will learn about Tantra- The history, core philosophy and practices of NonDual Saiva Tantra, giving you an understanding of the tradition and why we practice.

You will learn about Kundalini and the Energy Body- how to awaken kundalini and explore energy for awakening and aliveness.

This module doesn't involve sexual practices but creates a foundation of awareness of the body and the energy channels we will use further in the course. 

Your practices involve Tantrik Yoga- an energy body activation and chakra installation practice plus a gentle kundalini awakening meditation

Module 2:

Holistic sexuality tools and sacred self pleasure.

In this module we will explore the 12 holistic sexuality keys for deepening your sexual process, experiencing more sensitivity and pleasure and activating more erotic energy. This module helps you look at all the important factors that make up our sexual selves, our mindset and our conditioning. 

We also talk about Sacred Sexuality, and the shift from a 'regular' sexual expression to one that includes the divine/the mystery. 

You'll be given a Sacred Self Pleasure practice to explore the principals we discussed and a mindful somatic meditation designed to increse sensitivity and body awareness. 

Module 3:
Primal sexuality and Emotional transmutation

Here we will be unlocking the primal, wild, raw sexual self and working with sexual shadow. Many of us fear, judge or shame our primal expression and this internal conflict creates a shut down from our fluid expression. We give ourselves permission to be raw, wild animals and claim our power through this. 

We will also explore how to transmute our emotions into pure energy and how this effects our sexuality and our relationship to ourselves. This is one of the key tools of Tantra- to worship and honour the energy of emotion and to embrace all experience as fuel for life. 

You will explore a primal ritual to claim your wild power and a grounding meditation, as well as an emotional transmutation practice. 

Module 4:

Sexual Self Healing


Most of us carry some forms of blockages, shame, tension and pain around our sexuality. It is possible to free ourselves from this and come into our innocence, our wholeness and our truth. 

Through somatic awareness, psychosexual alignment, tension release practices and de-armouring we can create a space for our bodies to let go of the past experiences it holds onto, and to release the past so we can thrive.

Your practices include a self healing and de-armouring practice (one for people with penises, one for people with vaginas) and a self soothing and resourcing meditation to ground back into the safety in your body. 

Module 5:

Yin power


How deep can you go inward? How much can you surrender?

A lot of focus is on 'Yang' style sexuality (the outter expression and movement)

In this module we will explore yin practices for going deeply inwards and seeing how much power we can get from sensitivity and relaxation.

You will also lear about the Orgasmic Brain, and what is needed for full safety and surrender. 

You will have a YIN, oceanic orgasm practice to explore the waters of your being, and a beautiful Tantric awareness cultivation meditation 'heart and full body Listening' to expand your consciousness and ability to recieve. 


Module 6:

Sex magic and manifestation through self pleasure


It's the final module and time to play, shine and THRIVE!
Learn the amazing practice of SEX MAGIC! This is one of my favourite practices and it can produce amazing altered states of consciousness, as well as being used for calling in things to your life as you tap into your desired and intentions. 

We go into a desire mapping process for getting clear on your goals and desires for your life, as well as the obstacles in your way.

We'll explore how to create an intentional ritual  from your desire, using tantric microcosmic orbit practices and 5 senses activation.

Andfinally we talking about what it is to THRIVE sexually, what we need to really becoming fully actualised and fully expressed.

Your practice is a sex magic and full body orgasms practice plus a Deep Self Love meditation. 

Enough talk, sign me up!

Sacred Sexuality for all genders

(And gender transcendant beings)

In this course we take a gender-neutral approach to sacred sexuality.  Moving away from binary terms and heteronormative gender constructs so that people of all genders and genital configurations can learn these powerful tools and techniques. 

Tantra is actually not about 'masculine' and 'feminine' concepts like many new age folk think, it is about non-duality and moving beyond labels and percieved seperation.

We have had plenty of Cis, trans and non-binary people move through this course, and we welcome anyone who wants to explore their body to join the journey. Luna (Your teacher) is a queer, kinky and sex positive human who loves to create inclusive spaces.

The foundations of these practices are the same no matter what genital configuration you have, and for genital-specific techniques (like the sexual healing and de-armouring module) there are audios for people with vulvas and people with penises you can chose from.

In the neo-tantra world people often like to prescribe certain practices for certain genders but I find many people benefit from experiencing a variety of styles and finding what works for them.

Trauma-Informed & Nervous system nourishing


The course is rooted in a foundation of trauma-informed and science-based practices for self healing and self regulating on a deep level. Luna is passionate about trauma integration and our ability to self-heal with the right tools and space. She has studied with multiple trauma experts to understand how trauma affects the mind and body, and what are the most effective ways to move from trauma to thriving.

Many of us have experienced trauma in our lives and our sexuality is especially a place where we hold a lot of trauma, tension, shame and fear.

Science meets spirituality through utilising mindfulness, breath, emotional regulation, self soothing and resourcing to ground us in safety as we explore and integrate our journey.


Whether you are totally new to Tantra and Sacred sexuality, or you have experience and want to deepen your practice and explore a new perspective, most people can get a lot out of this course.




When you purchase this course you will be added to a course area with a login and password on the site. Immediatly you will also gain access to the Sensual Artists forum on this website! 

On the start date, the first module goes live, you will recieve an email letting you know and you can go check it out!

There will be a few lecture videos talking about the topics of the module (Video + Audio file if you prefer to listen)

You will have a practices area which contains instructions and your practices for the week. 

Practices are audio files you follow along to and download for any device. 

Each week contains a meditation (recommended to do each morning or as often as possible!) and an embodiment practice (Recommended to do as many times as possible during the week, at least 3 times, to really ground in the practice!)

It is recommended to try to keep up with the course as much as possible and cultivate momentum with the teachings. 
However life often happens and you will have time after the course to access the materials and do it at your own pace. 

If you're not sure if this is for you, please book in a quick call with me and we can chat about any questions you have (please check the FAQ first!) or send me an email!

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