Activate your full eros potential

There is so much more to sex than just physical penetration... there is a whole other world in the subtle energy realm where we can experience psychedelic states, open and surrender to one another and be fucked to divine core! 

Energy sex is a beautiful way to connect with someone and can be subtle or something very profound...

and it's especially empowering for people with queer identities, where you can explore having an energy lingam or yoni, having penetration without the need for toys and exploring gender beyond the physical. 

The Eros Energy Play Course

Want to learn how to penetrate someone to their core- without the need for physical penetration?

To move erotic energy with your lover, awaken their subtle bodies, connect beyond the physical and even explore how to bend your gender?

Through Erotic energy play and energy sex, we can open up a whole new world of intimacy!

Explore the dance of surrender, trust, play and presence in this special course.

Curious to hear more?

Listen to this podcast episode with my partner and me, sharing a couple of our most profound energy sex experiences.


Course Content

The course has 3 sections with guided practices and inspiration for you.

Finally, there is a bonus 'Playdate' audio that you can put on and follow for a full guided energy sex experience. 

Intro to Energy Play

We talk about what is energy sex and energy play, the energy body and how to build and explore sexual energy. 

Includes a drop-in solo meditation to attune the energy body and ground.

Intimacy building 

Here we share 3 practices to help you drop into the subtle realms of energy with your partner, attuning to their body and their energy field and exploring the dance of surrender and control.

Energetic Penetration

Finally we share practices to help you to explore how to penetrate with your energy, through the heart and through the sexual centres. This can be done in a lot of different ways, including switching genders and exploring queer energy sex. 


Guided energy sex datenight.

A 45 minute audio that you can play and follow along to, with intention setting and sharing followed by build-up practices and energetic penetration practice. 

This is like your own person guided workshop where you can let go of needing to know what to do next and just follow the instructions as you explore. 


Energy building techniques

Here I share some foundations of building energy for those who are perhaps new to these kind of practices or wanting some extra guidance on how to build and spread energy using breath, sound, bandhas, visualisation and intention. 


This course is for you if...

  •  You're exploring sacred sexuality and wanting to go deeper into energy body practices

  • You have experience in yoga, tantra and/or other modalities that use the energy body (if you're totally new I recommend Deep Self Worship as a place to start!)

  • You are looking for ways to connect intimately without the need for physical penetration

  • You're queer and exploring ways to have sex without the need for toys, or exploring gender as an energetic phenomena 

  • You're in a straight relationship and want to explore more potential of ways to feel your partner in sex, or have alternatives for physical penetration when it's not possible. 

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