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Sacred Intimacy Journey - Full Payment




Tantric Intimacy

Learn sacred intimacy practices for deep, profound connection. This journey is for couples and will take you through 3 deep sessions to enhance your intimate connection, communication and erotic charge.

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Sacred Intimate Bodywork for couples

Are you searching for a profound way to deepen your bond with your partner? 

Do you long to explore new realms of intimacy and connection that transcend the ordinary and expand your orgasmic potential?

This course introduces the powerful practice of intimate massage, often called 'Tantra Massage', which focuses on genital worship, healing and empowerment. You will learn how to give a Yoni (Vulva/vagina) and a Lingam (Penis) massage to your beloved, which can result in an increased capacity to experience pleasure, deep healing, full body or energetic orgasms and more.