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Explore intimacy, sensuality and connection through the art of conscious bondage


Hey there curious kinkster!

Are you looking to explore how rope bondage can create deep intimacy, pleasure, intimacy and surrender? If so, this is for you.

Creating an intimate and safe space to drop into that beautiful state of surrender takes a combination of practical rope skills, confidence, attunement and flow.

This 3 days journey offers you an introduction to tools for creating a sensual, intimate experience through the power of bondage... and only using 2 knots and 1 piece of rope, for simplicity and ease!

This is a very simple, very practical mini course, which is all about getting familiar with that energetic connection between the person tying and the person being tied, and of course, the rope.

Get close, intimate and confident with 2 basic ties and discover a creative variety of ways to flow through the bondage experience. 




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If you're so broke you're drowning in debt then for sure you're welcome to pay the minimum and have it as basicly a freebie!

If you're abundant and have plenty of money maybe you want to feel into what you'd happily pay at a workshop for this, or give more to cover those who can't afford it!

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Get on it!

Who this is for

  • Beginner to intermediate rope artists who want to tie for sensuality and intimacy
  • Sensualists who love intimacy and connection and would love to add rope to the mix to assist in deep embodied surrender
  • Kinksters who are looking to cultivate more presence, intentionality and awareness into their play
  • Couples and singles who want to dive into their bondage journey

What you will learn

  • Getting to know bondage basics, which you can use to create a sensual rope ritual. 
  • 2 foundational ties you can use in so many ways!
  • An introduction into how to create a safe and intimate space, to offer a deep surrender experience.
  • Body movement and flow with rope
  • Play with different styles of tying and building a flow

Simplify and connect

For many people when they get into learning shibari they dive into a lot of complicated ties and get lost in the knotwork. This free minicourse helps you simplify and focus on the connection between you and your rope partner so you can get out of your head and into your body!

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What is in the course?


Day One

Let's get the basics down!

Learn the Single Column Tie & 'Nodome' Tie, using your own body for practice. Here we cover the basic ties, safety and practicalities of rope and tension. If you have rope experience, you could skip this day and move to the next!


Day Two

Grounding and Movement while tying another person - different energies and flow while playing with rope. Here we explore moving the body and getting comfortable with exploring the body with rope!


Day Three

Adding sensuality to the rope experience - infusing the rope flow with sensual energy and deepening the experience of flow, play and creativity



After you've completed the course you will also get 2 bonus videos for more inspiration!