5 Senses Self Worship Ritual

Here is what you'll need for the ritual.

  • A beautiful, clean space where you can lie down comfortably. This can be on your bed or setting up some blankets and pillows on the floor
  • A candle to mark the opening and closing of the ritual
  • SMELL- Having some delicious oils/perfumes to put on your body (when guided)  and smell
  • SIGHT- A mirror! It can be something hand-held or a mirror near you in your room
  • TASTE- Have some delicious food ready. I recommend fresh fruit or chocolate.
  • SOUND- I will play music in the ritual, but making sure you have sound set up (ideally a nice speaker!)
  • TOUCH- I recommend having some flowers to worship your body with (Rose petals are so V-day and romantic ;) ) as well as body oil for self massage and any toys you want to use for self pleasure. You can decide if you want to have full genital stimulation or a sensual session depending on your mood!


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