Sensual Arts Facilitator Highlight - Kali

facilitator highlight Mar 15, 2023


After leaving the 9 to 5 grind in the UK, the choice to create a path that connects body, and breath: bringing more mindfulness to life was made. Dedicated to sharing the gifts of Yoga felt like the long-lost passion had been rekindled. Continuously trying to refine my space-holding skills as a guide, with teacher trainings and women’s circling, the integration of it all brought more willingness to follow through.

Yet it felt like something was missing and it gave me a restless feeling. Shortly after, the Sensual Arts Facilitator Training appeared on an Instagram Post. Fast forward to the next month, I was flying to Spain for a month-long training and to live in a community with strangers. Audaciously stepping into this experience brought changes on many levels.

The training was designed in a way that connection to self was honoured with acceptance of individual needs. Hence the connection with others grew from authentic shares. Communication emerged from a place of vulnerability and as a community, we grew stronger and the time spent there felt beautifully held in the fires of transformation.


Meeting who am I as a sensual being deepened my relation to myself and how I relate to the world. Bringing power to my voice through expressing needs and the edges of the kink world felt like a revival to pursue hidden lanes of desire that were mostly unspoken, but not anymore! That engulfed restless feeling had vanished and was replaced with longing to be of service.

Returning back felt like an incentive to share and this spark of aliveness remains. This led me to assist and facilitate retreats, temple nights and the next Sensual Arts Facilitator Training. The opulence of human experiences that these spaces have brought is inexpressible and I strive to offer and hold such spaces digitally and in-person to honour the bridge that we are between Sensuality and Spirituality.

What am I up to:
May - June 2023 Graz, Austria (Dates TBC )
Dancen Und Schmusen

6th to 9th 2023 July, Berlin
Resource Within: Women’s Retreat

Where to find me:
IG @_kalirising_ or



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