Are you and your lover looking for more passion and erotic connection?

To explore some delicious conscious sexuality tools, re-ignite your desire and deepen your intimacy?

This course is for you! I've put together some of my favourite couples practices and rituals that help spark desire, build conscious communication skills and get you feeling creatively inspired in the bedroom.

This course is designed around 'playdates'- series of practices to do together for some sensual couple time- like your own private, personal neo-tantra workshop without leaving home (and leaving the space to take it as far as you desire!)


With 6 playdates to chose from, you can learn about sacred sexuality practices, pick up some useful communication tools and try some new things to bring new life, creativity and passion into the bedroom.

You can do this totally at your own pace, once a week, once a fortnight or do them every night if you like! And you'll always have access to the audios to do them whenever you feel like it.

And all the exercises are queer-friendly!

Mmmm yes please!



The first date is all about getting in sync with one another, communicating your desires and giving a devotional sensual experience to your lover. Here you'll get to express your desires and how you want to be played with.

Here is a preview of the first playdate to give you an example of what you can find in the course!


This date is all about the art of seduction!

You'll explore the art of giving and receiving compliments, flirtation and appreciation then get to give one another a sacred, sensual lapdance (Don't worry if you're not a confident dancer, there are options even including blindfolding your partner ;) )




Sometimes you just need to let your inner animal out to play!

This module is for getting wild and playful with one another and inviting some primal energy into the mix.

Often we can lose the primal, passionate and wild fire that can come easy earlier in relationships. This playdate gives you tools and practices to help re-ignite that wild power and let out your inner animal in a fun and sexy way.

5 Senses play

On this date we'll be getting deeply connected with some breathwork before dropping into the body for a delicious tantric ritual dedicated to activating the senses, as well as some sensory deprivation.

This is such a beautiful ritual to do as a couple (or even in a group!) for making someone feel like an absolute god/dess and for using sensuality as a tool for meditation and awareness cultivation. 


Power play, fantasy, S&M... there are so many ways to explore Kink! Playing with Kink helps us explore different aspects of the psyche and create scenes to dive into our hidden desires and explore them in a safe and conscious way.

For this playdate we'll explore some Tantric Kink practices, sharing your desires, fears and boundaries and you will create your own kinky ritual with each other!

tantric play

For this final playdate you will do some deep partner work... starting with a Soul Gazing practice and then moving to a powerful neo-tantric partner breathwork and erotic energy experience to explore moving your sexual energy together through the chakras and bringing your juicy Eros together with breath and movement for a sacred sexual ritual that will give you a taste of the potential of erotic energy play.

Ready to dive in?

This course is for you if you're wanting to explore and get creative with your sexuality.
✦If you're wanting to connect deeper and more authentically with your lover.
✦If you're wanting to learn how to communicate better and ask for what you need and desire.
✦If you want to feel more confident and empowered in the bedroom.
✦ If you're looking for a queer inclusive place to explore Tantra and sacred sexuality without heteronormative guides. 

All of these tools are simple enough for total beginners to explore, and leave enough creativity and space to drop so deep that even couples experienced in neo tantra can get a lot out of it!

There is also an option to get an additional 2 private coaching sessions to help work through any unique obstacles or resistances coming up for you in your relationship that might be getting in the way of your intimate connection.

Get started now!

We have a few options for you depending on your desire. Checkout is via paypal, if you need to use bank transfer please contact [email protected] Low income options available by request.

One-time Payment


Get instant access to the course and all the playdates, as well as the Sensual Artists community!


Payment Plan



2 payments of €100/month 

Some longer payment plans may be considered for low income people, please send us an email if you need!




Course and coaching

Get the course and 2 private couples coaching sessions (60 mins each) to help work through any unique obstacles or resistances coming up for you in your relationship that might be getting in the way of your intimate connection.


Frequently Asked Questions

When you sign up you'll get to make a login for an account in the Sensual Arts School.. as a couple you can create a login together for the course so you both have access.

For each playdate you'll get an introduction video with instructions and a bit about the experience, a PDF with the kind of things you need to set up for the night then some guided audios that you can follow along with while you explore!

You can do these totally in your own time when you want to... you can decide if you want to do the 2 dates per week when they're released or if you want to only do 1 a week or 1 a fortnight.

There is a forum to ask questions about the course and share about your experiences!

They are between 40 minutes and an hour in total, and can take longer if you want to extend a practice to take it deeper, include sex or repeat the exercises.

We don't get in to gender in the practices, there will just be a 'Partner A' and 'Partner B' so it's suitable for people of all genders and orientations.

This course isn't so much about theory and explaining tantra and spiritual sexuality, it's more about trying out the experiences for yourself and building intimacy with your partner. You might try some of the neo-tantra practices and not feel much or you might surprise yourself! Even without the Tantric practices there are lots of fun practical skills and date experiences so you can still get something out of it! Communicating desires, investing in your relationship and creating space for intimacy is already going to make a big change in your relating!

This beautiful journey with access to the practices on the course for both of you is only €180, or 2 fortnightly payments of €100

Limited Low income/hardship spaces by request

DELUXE- If you want to include 2x private couples coaching sessions (60 mins) then the price is only €480

We start April 18!

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Your Headmistress

Meet Luna Agneya,
Owner of Sensual Artistry & The Sensual Arts School. Co-initiator of Awakened Eros.


Luna is a Sensuality and Relating expert- teaching, coaching and creating events & immersions in the field on Sensuality and conscious connection for many years. 

A certified Integrated Sex, Love and Relationship coach, Tantric Yogini, event manager and designer, Luna has fused together her many skills and passions into projects dedicated to the liberation of people through the erotic, through relationships and through the shadow work of kink and taboos. 

She is passionate about trauma-informed approaches to deep healing and integration work and is dedicated to the path of embodied liberation and awakening.


Read more via her full coaching and teaching website- Sensual Artistry