Welcome to PLEASURE YOGA- Embodied sensuality practices to feel more pleasure in your life!

This course is a selection of practices that work with mind, body and soul to tap into the power of your pleasure.

Embracing practices from yoga, tantra, mindfulness and embodiment to give you a variety of tools to get in touch with your body, your sensuality and your capacity for orgasmic pleasure in your day to day life.

Whether you're feeling disconnected from your body and wanting to increase sensitivity, you're looking to expand your pleasure capacity or cultivate more self love in your life- this course will give you essential tools to feel more connected and at home in your body.


Awaken you Pleasure Potential

We often numb our bodies as a defence mechanism to keep us safe from the pain of the world, but we also in the process limit our capacity to feel all the pleasure, joy and ecstatic bliss that life has to give us....

It's time to reclaim your power and your pleasure. 


This course builds up over a series of modules, giving you a variety of practices and tools for reclaiming your pleasure.

Sensual Somantic Meditation

We start with a sensual, somatic meditation to train your mind to pick up on subtle sensations, stay present in your body and explore how sensation changes when we bring awareness to different areas. This is one of the most important practices and an absolute foundation for anyone exploring pleasure and wanting to feel more embodied! It is a foundation practice that you can do again and again!

 Yang Pleasure Yoga Sequence

This 1 hour class is a flowing practice fusing vinyasa, tantric breathwork and embodied movement. This sequence brings energy, flow and pleasure into a juicy practice you'll be excited to do as a daily practice!


Yin Pleasure Yoga Sequence

If you're wanting something more slow, relaxed and peaceful this 30 minute class is perfect for you. Focusing on relaxation and surrender, it's rejuvenating and important for increasing the slower side of sensuality.

Sensual Embodied Dance Journey

Next is a Sensual embodiment dance practice where you get to explore sensual movement in deep and embodied way.

This practice really helps you to connect with your body, with music and with your desires- which is an amazing practice to have for your own pleasure and also to bring in to love making and intimacy!

We work with elements and energies to explore a variety of ways to move your body and explore yourself.

Orgasmic Breathwork Experience

Orgasmic Breathwork is one of my absolute favourites- using breath we energize the body, move energy around and open ourselves up to the potential of full-body orgasmic states. 

This practice will show you how to work with the breath for awakening your whole energy body and exploring orgasmic states!

Breathwork is also a powerful tool for releasing tension and trauma. so you will learn more about the healing capacities of breath here. 

Self Worship Practice

The final practice is Self-Worship, a self-love pleasure practice for honouring your body, appreciating all its capacity for pleasure and exploring sex magic and tantric energy expansion techniques.

This really brings together all the other practices into a beautiful self love ritual where you consciously enjoy and explore your body in reverence and appreciation. 

All of these practices work so well together and can be done over and over again, whenever you want to bring more vitality and pleasure into your life!

So give yourself full permission to embrace your pleasure, to say YES to feeling more and loving your body!


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Your Instructor

Australian born and word travelling nomad, Luna has been working between the adult industry and the spiritual communities for 8 years. Her passion is fusing the conscious communities and the kink and sex positive spaces. Luna has been doing yoga, tantra, meditations and all kinds of spiritual healing modalities over the years, getting certified as a Yoga instructor in 2016 and is currently studying at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. She has been practicing shibari for 4 years, mostly studying in Berlin with the contemporary rope scene as well as at dojos and with various amazing teachers around the world. She has developed her own person style of Sensual Ropes and rope rituals- selling out workshops regularly.