Live a Sensually Embodied life...


Sensualist Essentials is a course designed for your embodied awakening.

Featuring daily practice meditations to drop you deeper into your body, deeper into the present moment and getting you more in touch with your sensual nature. 

It's suitable for all genders, ages and experience levels- whether it's your first time diving into Sensual Embodiment or it's you've been exploring for years! The amazing thing about these practices is that they just get deeper and more subtle as you become more sensitive in your body, so they can serve you for years to come.



Are you looking to reconnect to your body's wisdom?

Life is meant to be lived and felt through the body, not just the mind! 

In our busy, stressful, overwhelming modern lives, we can gradually disconnect from our bodies, numb our senses and feel less of life- which has its function in self-protection to feel less of the UNCOMFORTABLE aspects of life, but also results in us feeling less of the GOOD stuff too! Sensual Somatic work helps us heal the body-mind disconnect, re-awaken our senses and come into deeper intimacy and connection with the world. 

This course will give you a variety of short, effective daily practices for you to cultivate a deeper connection with your body's wisdom and increase your sensitivity to pleasure, supporting you to feel more alive, empowered and connected with self, others and this earth!

Awakening the body through Somatics

What exactly are somatics, and how do they intertwine with sensuality?

Somatics is the practice of connecting with your body's innate intelligence, learning to listen to the body's whispers and building somatic intelligence and resilience. It's the practice of connecting the mind and body, which in our culture has been 'split', and we focus a lot of the nervous system as the system which helps us process a lot of the sensations of the body and world.

Our course seamlessly weaves somatic principles and practices with sensual embodiment work, allowing you to explore the realms of your body's sensations, movements, and energies like never before.

Inspired by Tantric Yoga, this course also emphasises meditative awareness on the senses and enhancing your experience of consciousness through the body. 


The Power of Daily Practice


Creating deep and lasting transformation in the way you relate to your body takes time. There is no immediate quick fix!

Real change takes some patience and practice, forming a new relationship to your body and a new way of living and experiencing the world.

A lot of people try out workshops and events, then wonder why the effects don't 'stick' and they are left feeling disconnected and struggling weeks later. It's because this work takes time, and needs regular practice to really re-write neural pathways. 


"On average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic ‚ÄĒ 66 days to be exact.¬†And how long it takes a new habit to form can vary widely depending on the behavior, the person, and the circumstances. In Lally‚Äôs study, it took anywhere from 18 days to 254 days for people to form a new habit." - James Clear

We've created this course to contain simple yet deeply powerful practices that you can use daily, and keep revisiting over the weeks, months and years. They're short practices (10-20 minutes each) to make them accessible for folks who have a busy life, or to be added to a longer daily embodiment or spiritual practice. We wanted to create a course that felt easy to commit to, knowing that short regular practice can offer more 'fruits' than longer ones rarely done. 


Imagine embracing a daily ritual that revitalizes your senses, nurtures your soul, and guides you towards a more embodied, pleasurable and engaged life. A sanctuary in your day where you just need to pause, listen and feel. These micro-meditations eventually become second nature and integrate into all areas of your life, once they've really landed in your system. 

A daily practice isn't just a routine; it's a commitment to yourself, an act of self-love that empowers you to come into alignment with your true, authentic nature and alter the way you interact with the world. 

Through consistent engagement with the Sensualist Essentials practices, you'll witness the gradual transformation of your relationship with your body.

Eventually your body becomes more open, you feel more and come into deeper intimacy with all of life.  

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A path to Wholeness

Healing Trauma Through Sensual Embodiment

Sensuality and embodiment practices have an incredible capacity to heal. Pleasure is essential for creating resiliency in the system and helping your body to come into a state of healing and integration. Pleasure is the antidote to pain and trauma, and is not just a luxury!

Trauma, whether emotional or physical, can leave imprints that impact our sense of self and connection to our bodies. It causes a split between body and mind, and can draw us into numbing or dissociative behaviors, or emotional reactivity and armouring. 

The Sensualist Essentials course offers a sanctuary where you can gently navigate the realms of your body, releasing tensions and fears that may have lingered, and opening you to a new, empowering relationship with your body.

We have practices for grounding and resourcing in the support of the earth, working gently and somatically with the emotions and creating a loving connection to the sensations in your body. 

This inner self-connection helps us to digest and process our experiences of the world, come into connection with the goodness available in the present moment and come back to a sense of inner safety regardless of our past. 

These are gentle practices that give a slow, gradual approach to healing.

If you're experiencing a lot of trauma, you may need additional therapeutic support beyond this course. This course can be an amazing supplementary tool while you undergo a therapeutic process with a trained professional. 


The Journey


Here you'll find out more about the journey we have crafted for you and your sensual awakening.

It's recommended to go through the modules with a pace of at most 1 per week, repeating the practice a few times to really let it sink in before moving to the next one. You can, however, go at whatever pace feels most aligned for you! We recommend not leaving too long gaps between practices as this can make you loose momentum. 

Module 1: Sensual Awareness: Embodied Somatic Meditation 


In Module 1 of the Sensualist Essentials online course, you'll explore the foundational practice of embodied somatic meditation.

This is a core practice for any sensualist, allowing you to come into direct connection with the moment through your body.

You'll shed the labels of "good" or "bad" in relation to your sensations, and explore them instead as vibrant expressions of aliveness within your consciousness.

This module will take you on a journey from the external world to your inner world, unveiling the five sensory gateways that open new dimensions of experience, enriching your connection with yourself and life

 You can listen to the first module, and do the first meditation for free below!

Module 2: Embodiment through Breath, Sound, and Movement


In Module 2, we'll unlock the incredible power of your breath, the vibratory power of sound, and the bliss of authentic movement. You'll see how these simple elements of self-expression can be gateways to authenticity and present moment experience.

These elements come together to allow us to see how the vibration of life moves through and expresses within us, and how we've been conditioned through performance and social conditioning to inhibit the natural flow of life, which prevents our healing. The practice allows you to gently unwind tension held in the body and nervous system and build deeper connection with your body.

Module 3: Becoming deeply self-consentual 


Next, we explore what it is to cultivate a profound and loving relationship with your body. We discuss how our current lifestyles and ways of being can often be influenced by dominator culture- forcing the body into submission from the mind, and how this has negatively affected our bodies and stripped us of the body's wisdom and our own empowerment.

Understand that your body is not a machine that will do whatever your mind dictates, but a dynamic, intelligent, living being with it's own timings, rhythms and needs. We commit to coming into LISTENING rather than controlling, and allowing our body to reveal to us how it wants to be touched, what it needs and wants. 

In this module we explore what it is to be really in consent with your body and how that will affect your relationships, boundaries and interactions when you really learn to listen and respect the bodies needs. 

Module 4: Grounded, Regulated and Centered


Module 4 equips you with the skills to navigate the intensity of life through regulation and grounding.

You'll learn about how grounding practices can support us to come back to ourselves, how the earth can be a support of safety and nourishment, and how these practices can support us with healing, recovering from overwhelm and becoming more in touch with the present moment. 

By connecting with the Earth, you'll connect with its stability and wisdom, grounding yourself in a way that fosters resilience and balance.

Module 5: Emotional Exploration 


Module 5 delves into the profound connection between sensation, emotion, and thought.

You'll understand that emotions are neither good nor bad; they are simply expressions of energy and flavours of reality, and linked to your nervous system and primal responses.

You'll learn to listen to your body's wisdom to discern whether an emotion wishes to be witnessed or moved. In the practice you'll get to explore the somatic, embodied experience of emotion as something to come into relationship with rather than being controlled by it.

Additionally, you'll embrace the possibility of pleasure and enjoyment arising within every emotional experience, experimenting with how we can ride the waves of our emotions with more ease and bliss.


Module 6: Sensual Play - The Art of Bliss


In this final module, you'll rediscover the joy of being in your body through sensual play and exploration of embodiment.

You'll engage in form of sensual worship with the energy of innocent curiosity and celebration, offering your a space to be in awe at the wonder of being alive.

We bring in dance and play as a way to bring joy into your body and opening you up into new ways of relating with the world around you.

This module empowers you to take the wisdom of these practices into your daily life and your exploration of sexuality, creating a life rich in pleasure and connection.



The Sensualist Essentials online course is a transformative journey to fully inhabit your body, become more sensitive and life in a more sensually embodied way.


You'll gently form deeper and deeper pathways for pleasure and inner peace through these daily practices, and build more resilience and self-trust along the way. 


Plus- Bonus Workshops



We also ran 2 live workshops for the launch of this course, and you will get immediate access to the recordings. These are brought in to take you even deeper into the subjects discussed in the course. 

From Numb to Ecstatic- Awakening the pleasure body


In this workshop we dive deeper into the effect of trauma and armouring on the system and how it can make us numb and disconnected from life- and how to re-awaken the body to become more alive, sensitive and empowered. 

We'll discuss both chronic numbness and momentary numbing that can come up in situations when our body contracts and shuts down.

This workshop will teach you more about trauma and how to navigate it- both in your own body and if you have a partner who struggles with these issues. You'll learn about different tools and techniques to help land you in the realms of feeling- or how to support others with this issue. 


A Worship of Life- The Sacred path of Sensuality


Your sensuality is the gateway to your Divinity

There are spiritual paths that deem the body as an illusionary distraction or something dirty to be purified and transcended- then there are the spiritual paths that honour the body as a sacred vessel and our sensuality as something beautiful and powerful to be honoured. 

The Tantric path is known for being an embodied tradition, especially the Goddess worshipping 'Shakta' path. They see the senses not as distractions but as the Goddess, the body as the holiest of temples and pleasure as a beautiful gift to be honoured.

In this talk we'll discuss Sacred Sensuality and the path of descent into the body, to awaken to life in the here and now. 


Sliding scale pricing options




We want this course to be affordable and accessible to all those who want to dive into this work and experience more sensual aliveness in their bodies.

We have a 'Sliding Scale' pricing which gives 3 options depending on your financial situation. Honesty is important here- we hope you will be in integrity as you choose the option that is true for you and what you can afford. Those who pay more help support those who can not afford anymore and keep the school running so we can keep creating more content, podcasts, freebies and offers for you all!

Low Income


‚ÄúI struggle with money, often live week-to-week and have little to no savings. Money is a stressful topic.‚Ä̬†

Eg. Broke artists, single mums, marginalised groups etc

Pay in 2 monthly installments of¬†‚ā¨25


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‚ÄúI earn regular money and have enough to get by with a little to spend. I don‚Äôt have big investments or large savings, but I have enough‚Ä̬†

If you're getting by with money but not rolling in it, this option is for you!


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‚ÄúI‚Äôm very secure with money and have financial freedom‚Ä̬†

You have good savings and/or investments, a well-paid job and freedom with your money. Money flows easily for you and you're happy to support those who are less fortunate 


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