12‚Äď 15 July 2024

Ko Phangan, Thailand


A 4-day immersion into Tantra

The path of Liberation, Awakening and Ecstasy


What is it to be truly free, to be totally intimate with life...

...To know yourself beyond your limited ego?

How do we learn to be present with all that life gifts to us, and awaken to the aliveness pulsating through this existence in each and every moment?

Join us for a deep dive into the Tantric path as we guide you on a journey of self-discovery, embodiment, liberation and awakening.

The Tantrikas are the wild, crazy mystics- the ones who practice to be radically free and in love with this existence, totally open, awakened and surrendered to life while deeply embodied in the moment.

It's the path of the heart.

It's the path of the ecstatic.

It's the path of radical freedom.

As we walk the Tantric path of awakening we let go of layers of shame and fear, to live with devotion and surrender to the bliss of deep love with all of life, with the intention of realising embodied liberation and awakening in this very lifetime.

It's a path of empowerment as well as of devotion. Of finding the mystical in the mundane, the sacred in the profane and the interconnectedness of all life.


Are you ready to explore new layers of depth, intimacy and connection with all of life?

Join our experienced team who have journeyed deep on the path for years, who have extensive experience holding transformational retreats and spaces for liberation and healing.

This retreat is based on the teachings of NonDual Shaiva Tantra, but brought to you in a modern way, with elements of somatics, therepeutic breathwork, shadow work and ritual. 

This is not your typical NeoTantra retreat!


We will go below the surface of what this tradition has to offer in the time we have together. 



Tantric Philosophy

Through Tantric philosophy and practice, we explore the teachings of this NonDual, embodied spiritual path that teaches us to see the divine in every aspect of life, and come back home to ourselves.

It's so important for our spiritual practice to be aligned with the teachings of the path, so that we can come into alignment with deeper truths of reality and ways of navigating the world that bring more joy, love and harmony. 

We learn to come into the heart and express our truth moment by moment. We also discover deep power in our vulnerability and spiritual connection through surrender to what is.

NonDual inquiry and meditation

Another cornerstone of the¬†Tantric Arts Retreat¬†is Non-Dual Meditation, meaning that we¬†allow our individual awareness to merge into ‚Äúall that is‚ÄĚ, like a raindrop dissolving into the ocean, as we believe that through¬†deep presence, stillness and silence, we can¬†access our divine nature¬†and increase our capacity to be present with life, ourselves and each other.

This is our SHIVA NATURE, the infinite, the greater self. 

Energy Activation

Tantra invites the awakening and ascension of Kundalini Energy, which transforms our inner and outer world. You'll explore the subtle body and practices that harness kundalini and eros energy to fuel your awakening. 

You'll learn about Kundalini and work with some practices to awaken, honour and access the power within you. You'll allow the energy to work it's way through you, release blockages and identities and explore the subtle body in new ways. 

You'll explore the BINDU BREATH AWAKENING- a transformational Tantric breathwork modality created by retreat leader Luna.

The Dance of Shiva and Shakti

We will delve into the concepts of Shiva and Shakti - consciousness and power/energy.

Shiva represents the principle of consciousness, which is the infinite and empty space that witnesses everything we experience. While Shakti embodies all manifest reality, including energy, nature, the body, the breath, and everything that can be perceived.

In Tantric practice, we strive to balance both Shiva and Shakti practices to experience both our infinite nature and our full aliveness. Shiva practices include meditation, awareness cultivation, philosophy, and awakening. On the other hand, Shakti practices involve yogic practice, movement, breathwork, sensuality, and ritual.

Sensual Meditations and Practices

One of the key aspects of the Tantric Arts Retreat is embodiment as we believe that when you fully inhabit and awaken your body, you become more present, grounded, and empowered in all areas of your life.

In Tantra, we embrace the body as an expression of the divine and recognise all elements of life as a portal to awakening. The senses therefore become a gateway to our divine nature.

You'll get to explore authentic, traditional Tantric Yoga practices as well as modern fusions inspired by traditional practices. 

Dance and Movement Practices

Embodiment is a core aspect of Tantra, and we'll explore through dance and movement how to allow life to dance through us. 

Embodiment practices also help us to release blockages and trauma, sensitise our bodies, come deeper into connection with the present moment and open to the ecstacy of life.

Partnered Meditation

How can we move beyond the sense of separation and into deep connection with others? Partnered meditations can be incredibly profound to invite us to go deeper into intimacy with life through other bodies, and challenge our stories, judgments and projections of others. 

Conscious Relating


We'll explore how Tantric practice translates to our relationships and ways of being in intimacy with one another. You'll learn conscious communication practices and intimacy practices that will help all relationships in your life- not just your romantic ones but your family, friendships and business relationships too!

Shadow Work

Shadow Work is the process of bringing our unconscious thoughts and feelings to our conscious awareness. In Tantric psychology, it is understood that our personal stories (vikalpas) and emotional imprints (samskaras) shape how we see the world and interact with others.

Tantric traditions have a deep understanding of the mind and the way our "shadows" show up in our personal and collective lives. Tantra offers various methods for exploring and integrating our shadow aspects, such as the light and shadow aspects of the Deities, the understanding of the realms of suffering, and working with the ego. By doing this, we can gain a clearer perspective on life and overcome our conditioned perspectives and filters.

We will explore different processes, including inquiry, psychodrama, and working with our emotions, to help us better understand and integrate our shadow aspects.

Death and Imperminance

Tantric path emphasises working on our relationship with death and impermanence. When we fear and resist death, we limit our freedom.

However, by accepting and honouring the inevitability of death, we can appreciate our lives and embrace each moment. We can live fully here, fully in gratitude for each day and recognising how precious each thing is because it will one day die.

We will explore the transformational quality of death, the preciousness of life, and connect with what is true, important, and valuable through meditative contemplation, ritual, and practice.

Bliss and Eros Work

We will focus on exploring our relationship with our bodies, passion and intimacy. Tantrikas recognize that powerful forces like Eros can be both enjoyable and destructive, poison or medicine, and that having a healthy relationship with this energy can be a catalyst for awakening.

Unfortunately, many people today have a distorted relationship with Eros, either full of cravings and addictions or avoidance and repression. So, how can we achieve freedom of expression without falling into compulsive behaviours that cause more suffering for ourselves? What is the "right relationship" with this energy on the spiritual path?

During this retreat, we approach this topic from the perspective of liberation and awakening to investigate how we can free ourselves from our conditioning and distortions, and how intimacy brings us closer to the divine, while examining our relationship with our bodies and how shame and rejection of the body can impede the flow of life force within us.

Take me on this Journey!
Who is this for?

This retreat is for anyone looking to dive deep into the practices and path of Tantra. The retreat will go deep, so it is recommended you have some experience with Yoga and Meditation before joining us. 

This retreat is suitable for both singles and couples, and for people of all genders and sexual orientations.


Who this is not for? 

This retreat will contain practices that can challenge your perception of self and life. You should be familiar with spiritual and yogic practices before attending, and willing to challenge yourself. This is not a sexuality-focused space and is not a hedonistic free-for-all, please don't join if you're looking for learning erotic massage or to just focus on pleasure practices. While we touch on these subjects, the focus is on liberation and awakening, and working with what is needed to get there. 

While there are therepeutic elements in this work, it is not a replacement for therapy and if you have a lot of active trauma, serious challenges with boundaries or untreated personality disorders this is not the space for you.  


There will be no nudity or sexual contact in this retreat.  


Daily Schedule 

 Friday : 

9am-1pm | Break | 3pm-7pm 

Saturday : 

9am-1pm | Break | 3pm-7pm | Dinner together | 8pm-10pm 

Sunday : 

9am-1pm | Break | 3pm-7pm | Dinner together | 8pm-10pm 

Monday : 

9am-1pm | Lunch together | 2pm-6pm. 


Meals together will be provided as part of the retreat cost. During breaks you're invited to explore the local resteraunts and food options (many walking distance from the venue!)

Accomodation is not provided. There are plenty of places nearby, even walking distance, from the venue :)


"Somehow I always had resistance towards Tantra as I used to perceive it as hedonistic and kinda only pleasure-seeking kinda practice, what I lived during the retreat is something completely else- Diving into deep and triggering topic as death, power, shame, desire, communication and connection with self and others while being guided and supported by a cast of really skilful, loving and dedicated facilitators.
You can feel that their words and guidance is filled with experience and love, they also are on the path and keep diving into it as well.
The tools and experiences I gathered during those few days are still part of me and really impacted my everyday life as well my own practices. I will definitely join for another dive when I can."

- Mika



17,000 B (‚ā¨430)¬†

10,000 B for Thai Nationals

Pay 7,000B deposit and the rest later to save your place.

If you're in severe financial hardship we consider discounted energy exchange spaces. Please email [email protected]

Max 24 people. 

Please note: we may refund you if we feel your application is not a match for this journey. 

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Luna Agneya

Luna is the lead facilitator and visionary behind the Liberating Love Collective, co-creating with her husband Triss Tashi and her community of fellow lovers and sensualists.

Luna has studied and practiced Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Breathwork and a variety of spiritual and somatic healing modalities over the years, getting certified as a Yoga, meditation and pranayama instructor in 2016 and graduating as a Sex, Love and Relationship coach from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality in 2020 (an 800+ hr year-long training), as well as completing a Transformational Facilitator training, Somatic Shadow Work facilitator training, Tantric breathwork trainings (Osho style and VITA style), Awakened Body Somatic practitioner certification with Embodied Philosophy and countless years of workshops, retreats and courses on these subjects. She also passionately studies all things related to relationships, trauma and healing, spirituality and sexuality with a variety of teachers for well over 1 2 years.

‚ÄčLuna has studied and practiced traditional Nondual Shaiva Tantra with Hareesh/Christopher Wallis at Tantra Illuminated since 2019, as well as studying nondual philosophy, spirituality, psychology and the path awakening with teachers from around the world to get a varied and holistic perspective. She's influenced by teachers such as Adyashanti, Jeff Foster, Rupert Spira, Sally Kempton, Kavitha Chinnaiyan and Lama Tsultrim Allione, and has been mentored by Harshada Wagner. She is inspired by teachings and texts from left-path Tantra, has formed a personal connection with the lineages through her teachers and is passionate about sharing the fruits of these teachings in a way that is accessible and relevant to the modern practitioner.

Luna also has completed a Trauma Awareness for Facilitators course and has a passion for shadow work, Integrated and holistic healing modalities and mystery school teachings. She now runs facilitator trainings with the Sensual Arts School and Evolving Eros for others passionate about teaching integrated and grounded approaches to Sacred Eros and Liberation work.

‚ÄčBefore she moved into teaching she spent many years working with sexuality as a dancer and performance artist, as well as studying fashion design and graphic design. She's a queer, kinky, non-monogamous being who has been fascinated with alternative culture, intimacy arts and gateways to liberation for her whole adult life.

‚ÄčShe has guided countless workshops, dozens of retreats and multiple multi-week facilitator trainings, as well as having many more years of experience as an event manager and performer.

Triss Tashi 

Triss discovered the bliss of tantra a few years ago and has been exploring its depths solo and with partners ever since. He has spent many weeks in containers practicing tantric arts which have given him an abundant appreciation for the vast pleasure, deep connection and lasting peace that it can bring.

He has now co-facilitated multiple Sensual Arts events and teacher trainings, so is well versed in the practices and guiding workshops in this field.

Triss brings plenty of exuberance, lots of care and tonnes of love with him wherever he goes and is excited to share it with you on this journey together.



We'll have additional team members being assistants and emotional support for this journey

Safety and Trauma-Awareness

We continually strive to create a trauma-informed space, especially when diving deep into sensitive topics and group dynamics. Our team are all trained in trauma awareness and hold a deep care

We invite you to check in with yourself before each practice, express your boundaries and always honour your 'No'. If you need to, you are welcome to watch a practice instead of participating, and we will not judge or shame you for going at your own pace.

Our aim is to provide a safe enough space for you to explore your desires, edges, and inner world. We have a dedicated care team with training in supporting people through spiritual and emotional struggles, supporting our participants whenever possible.

However, please note that this work isn't a replacement for therapy - it's a brave space for people ready to explore new things. This space may not be suitable for everyone, and attending an intensive retreat like this requires a level of self-holding. Therefore, we may not accept all applications if we don't feel a person is a fit for the work we'll be doing here.

If you're unsure, please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.