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Embodiment beyond the physical

a Tantric journey through the layers of self

Are you looking to dive into the profound practice, philosophy and path of Tantra to deepen your journey on the path to liberation in a way that honours the tradition AND brings the practice into your modern life in an integrated, accessible, empowering and expansive way?

Welcome to "Embodied Tantrika"‚ÄĒa course that transcends the surface-level exploration of NeoTantra and takes you DEEPER- into the subtle and expansive layers of self, offering an embodied exploration¬†for those hungry for Truth and eager to journey into the heart of their awakening.

We'll  go on an inquiry into what it is to be embodied beyond the purely physical sense of the word- into embodying all of life from the the subtle vibrations of the cells to the infinite expansive and undying awareness that transcends space-time.

If you seek a more liberated, awakened life, this course invites you to explore the wisdom path of ecstatic mystics‚ÄĒa journey through the five layers of self toward embodied liberation.

Tantra, renowned for its embodied approach, views the body as sacred, making the journey to liberation a sacred dance with the body, rather than an attempt to transcend it. Its practices and philosophies aim to awaken individuals, liberate them from suffering, and unveil the sensual, ecstatic nature of our true essence.

Designed for individuals navigating the complexities of daily life‚ÄĒjobs, families, relationships‚ÄĒTantra is a world-embracing path that allows you to access the divine in every facet of existence. All aspects of life become pathways to the divine and life becomes more blissful, joyful and expansive.


Your journey to Embodied Liberation


Most people think of Sacred Sexuality when they think of Tantra, and this is a part of the path but it is so much more than that. Tantra invites us to live with deeper consciousness, a fully open heart and sensually embodied in the world.

(Read my blog on the difference between Neo Tantra and Traditional Tantra HERE and more about going beyond NeoTantra HERE)

We'll peel back the 'Layers of Self' to dive into what it is to be an incarnated being/soul- both physically and spiritually. Each module we'll journey into a different layer of self and you'll receive practices to help you dissolve mis-identifications that keep you small and suffering and access the fundamental nature of the self.
Rooted in authentic Shaiva/ Non-Dual Tantric philosophy and practice, this course merges ancient wisdom with modern understanding, integrating somatic embodiment tools to deepen your experience.

This online journey offers a foundational understanding of Tantra‚ÄĒa taster of it's history, philosophies, and practices‚ÄĒwithin a trauma-informed and modern container. We distill some of the essence of Tantra's teachings to resonate with the modern practitioner, providing relevant insights for conscious living.

Throughout this journey, you'll delve into the core principles of Tantra, learning how they can empower you to lead a more conscious, intentional and spiritual life. While our approach isn't purely traditional, we will be drawing from Tantric scriptures like the VBT and Recognition Sutras- it's not going to be your usual NeoTantra workshop.



If you are looking for more of the Sacred Sexuality side of Tantra- I recommend you check out my Deep Self Worship online course which focuses on that for solo practitioners or Tantric Intimacy for couples.



Week 1

Introduction and Foundations

17-23 April


This week we start with some foundations of Tantric Yoga and understanding what the path is about and some of the foundational philosophies.

We also touch on the outter layer of 'Stuff' (Vastu) and our relationship to objects, possession and ownership. 

We'll also cover intention setting and cultivating self-discipline and devotional mindset for the journey ahead. 


Week 2

The Physical Body

April 24-30


We begin with the most obvious and tangible layer of self- The physical body and somatic realm.

The Deha, or physical body, is the manifestation of our existence in the material world. It encompasses everything from the sensations we experience to the movements we make- Our bones, muscles, blood, hair, skin- all these aspects and more. 

This layer of self is our most immediate and visible aspect, grounding us in the physical realm and serving as the vessel through which we interact with the world around us. Our senses and sensuality are a vital link between this layer and our inner layers.

When we OVER-identify with the body, our sense of self is reliant on our appearance, our physical health, strength and other aspects. We objectify the body and our identity rests on these factors that can change over time and cause suffering.

If we ignore or neglect the body, we find ourselves disconnected from life, lacking health and vitality and unable to access deeper layers of our being. We must open up and access the physical body intelligence to move deeper.

In this module you'll explore inquiry practices and movement practices to help you come into an embodied exploration of the physical body to come into right-relationship with our sacred vessel.


Week 3

The Heart-Mind Layer

May 1-7

Citta is the realm of the mind- encompassing our thoughts, emotions, memories, and cognitive processes. It's where our feelings and inner experience move through our inner and into the outer world. 

The way we think and experience our emotions greatly impacts our experience of the world- it's the filter in which we perceive and understand reality. In the Tantric tradition we see thoughts and feelings as fluctuations and flavours of aliveness that come from the heart-space rather than just the brain, which is why it's called the heart-mind.

The Citta is dynamic and ever-changing, with thoughts and emotions constantly arising and passing away. It's deeply linked with the nervous system and this layer generally includes practices related to chakras, bindus and kundalini as well.

When we over-identify with our thoughts and emotions we try to fit our 'self' into our stories or cling to passing states like 'I'm depressed' or 'I'm a happy person' rather than recognizing we are ever-changing moment by moment. When we ignore and bypass this layer, we're controlled by our emotions and thoughts and unable to see beyond them, we believe thoughts automatically and create an identity around our beliefs and stories. 

In this week we'll explore inquiry processes and emotional digestion practices that help us to come into more balance and equanimity, riding the waves of emotions and embracing the aliveness without clinging. 


Week 4

The Pranic Body

May 8-14


Entering the more subtle body, we explore the pranic layer.

Prana is the vital life force that animates the physical body and sustains all living beings. It flows through subtle channels known as nadis, nourishing the body, mind, and spirit.

Prana governs essential functions such as breath, circulation, and digestion, influencing our overall health and vitality.

Through the prana, we also sense the subtle field of energy both in and around our body, as well as all living things and objects. The separation between self and other start to dissolve and we feel into the web of interconnectivity through the breath and fundamental lifeforce penetrating and permeating from all things. 

We tune into vibration and the subtle field to become more sensitive and open. Here we'll dive more into the maps of the subtle body in Tantra and how to practice with it.


Week 5

Pause and Integration

 May 15-21

Here, we give space to catch up on practices and content you may have missed, integrate the previous weeks and intentionally pause. 


Week 6

The Transcendental Void

May 22-28


Next, we explore the empty void, the space beyond space and time. 

Shunya, often translated as "void" or "space," represents the dimension of emptiness within and beyond the physical and mental realms. It is a state of pure potentiality and boundlessness, transcending all concepts and limitations.

In Tantra, Shunya is not seen as a void to be feared or avoided but as the ground from which all creation arises- It's Shiva without Shakti.

There is peace, stillness and expansiveness in this void state that can support us to be free from clinging to the ego, to possessions and identities. We discover the unbound, undying and eternal aspect of our nature and this can support us to release fear-based clinging and attachments.

Too much identification with this layer, however, can leave us detached, unmoved by life and lacking the dynamic and loving power of Shakti. Transcendentalists will stop at this layer and detach from life, aiming to stay in the void and out of connection with the aspects of physical life. 


Week 7

Fundamental Consciousness and Essence Nature

May 29- Jun 4


In the final layer we find the core of our fundamental consciousness and our essential nature. 

Cit is pure yet dynamic consciousness, the ultimate reality underlying all phenomena. It is the source of our awareness and the essence of our being, transcending the limitations of the physical and mental layers.

It's the fertile ground of being in which all life arises from and subsides into. It's the underlying WHOLENESS of our being- the unwounded, unbreakable presence embracing the pulse of life that expresses itself moment by moment. It's Shiva and Shakti in dynamic union. 

In Tantra, Cit is seen as the highest state of consciousness, representing our true nature and embodied connection to the divine.

We touch the bliss of inner freedom when we touch this place. It's a non-conceptual, fluid and unified experience beyond the mind that can support us experience life in a new way.


Week 8

Integration and Closing

Final call June 9th


We finish with a final call of sharing, harvesting and connecting as a community to celebrate our journey together and explore how these teachings can impact our lives moving forward. 


Your Guide

Let me introduce myself a little bit more so you know who you're taking this plunge with!

About Luna Agneya

Originally from Australia, though a word-travelling nomad, Luna is a Tantrika, facilitator and guide with a passion for the path of liberation.

Luna has studied and practiced Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Breathwork and a variety of spiritual and somatic healing modalities over the years, getting certified as a Yoga, meditation and pranayama instructor in 2016 and graduating as a Tantric Sexuality and relationship coach from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality in 2020, as well as completing a Transformational Facilitator training, Somatic Shadow Work facilitator training, Tantric breathwork trainings (Osho style and VITA style), Awakened Body Somatic practitioner certification with Embodied Philosophy, Neuroaffective Touch practitioner training and countless years of workshops, retreats and courses on these subjects. She also passionately studies all things related to relationships, trauma and healing, spirituality and sexuality.

Luna has studied and practised traditional Nondual Shaiva Tantra with Hareesh/Christopher Wallis at Tantra Illuminated since 2020, as well as studying nondual philosophy, spirituality, psychology and the path awakening with teachers from around the world to get a varied and holistic perspective. She's influenced by teachers such as Adyashanti, Jeff Foster, Rupert Spira, Sally Kempton, Sam Harris and Lama Tsultrim Allione, and has been mentored by Harshada Wagner. She is inspired by teachings and texts from left-path Tantra, has formed a personal connection with the lineages through her teachers and is passionate about sharing the fruits of these teachings in a way that is accessible and relevant to the modern practitioner.

Luna also has completed a Trauma Awareness for Facilitators course and has a passion for shadow work, Integrated and holistic healing modalities and mystery school teachings. She now runs facilitator trainings with the Sensual Arts School for others passionate about teaching integrated and grounded approaches to Sacred Eros and Liberation work.


The Practicalities

Each module will be 1 week, and the course will run for 8 weeks in total. 

Week 1 - Introduction

Week 2-3- First 2 layers

Week 4- Integration with optional practice

Week 5, 6, 7- Final layers

Week 8- Final integration/closing call

 Modules are released on Wednesdays with a short video (around 15-30 minutes long) and the practice for the week (20-30 minutes).

On each Sunday there is the live class at 4pm AWST, 6pm AEDT, 10am CET where there will be a mix of practice, Q&A and sharing.

If we have enough signups from Americans', we can add a few extra calls in your timezone over the course for Q&A and shares! 

Integrate the session for a few days before the next module on the next Wednesday!

All calls are recorded directly in the course area and uploaded shortly after. 

Our school platform is hosted in Kajabi and there is a mobile app for easy access to the content. 

You'll also be able to download the practice audios to your device for easy offline access (since we recommend you do your practice before turning on the internet each day!)

It's recommended to aim for a DAILY PRACTICE during this course to get the full benefits. 6 days a week is a good aim. 

If that is too much for you then a minimum of 2 practices per week will still give you some results. 

We'll talk in week 1 about carving out the time and self-discipline to aim for the daily practice :) 


This course is for you if... 


You're a seeker on 'the path' looking to dive deeper into understanding Tantra and exploring the practices... perhaps you feel the calling to awakening and becoming liberated in this lifetime, perhaps you're just curious. 

It's recommended to have some basic experience with Yoga and meditation before doing this course as we'll be going pretty deep. If you've explored some NeoTantra, done some yoga classes and/or practices like ecstatic dance then you're likely a great fit!

If you're curious but think this might be a little too much for where you're at, I'd recommend SENSUALIST ESSENTIALS as a course that has some similar topics but shorter practices and being much more foundational. 


You'll leave with...

A deeper understanding of the 'self' beyond what you may have explored before.

You'll learn more about Tantric philosophy and practice and you'll explore how this can practically impact your life.

You'll have practices that you can re-visit time and time again for the years to come

You'll create a deeper connection to your physical and subtle body

You'll question your current relationship to self with inquiry and shadow work, leaving you more empowered and clear.

You'll also get to connect with fellow Tantrikas around the world in our community and calls.


Learn more about the Tantric Path before diving in...

Learn a little more about the difference between NeoTantra and Traditional Tantra through these blog posts of mine.

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