Unlock the power of your unconscious


Worship the totality of your being.

Begins December 1

This is a journey for seekers of truth.

For those ready to recognize their infinite power and their divine nature, in all it's beautiful, messy and fluid forms.

For those who would rather know Truth of reality and who they really are, than remain in their patterns of drama and ignorance.

For those seeking to wake up from the waking dream. 

For those who want to fully understand themselves and the world around them while grounded in loving compassion for life and all beings. Who long to live fully from their heart and grounded in their bodies.

And for those who want to live a fully embodied, alive existence, infused with the life force power of the erotic.

For the seekers of liberation,

For the lovers of life. 

If you're ready to see through the conditioned patterns and illusions in life, and the roles we play in it, then this is a course for you.

Shadow work is part of 'The Great Work' - the path to full awakening and becoming whole.


"Until you make your unconscious, conscious- it will rule your life and you will call it fate."

Carl Jung.

Tantric Shadow Work

Shadow work is about making the unconscious, rejected and/or exiled parts of our being conscious- coming into radical acceptance, love and wholness instead of repression and self-rejection.

When we do shadow work, we really allow ourselves to look at our uncomfortable patterns and behaviors and find the magic (and medicine) within them. We are not just sprinking affirmations and positive thinking, being all 'love and light'... we are allowing ourselves to acknowledge and embrace the sticky, uncomfortable and even painful stuff in our life, moving away from self-rejection and into deep acceptance and wholeness.

In this course we explore the integration of the unconscious from the lens of NonDual Tantra- the path of liberation and ecstacy. Tantra is an EMBODIED spiritual tradition, so this course has a big focus on embodiment rather than just psychoanalysis and the mental realm. We land this work IN the body. 

We will explore our relationship to the earth, to our bodies, to death, sex and other topics that often are places of contraction, tension and suffering.

Tantra is not just about sexuality and pleasure as many may think- it is about awakening to our true essence as the embodiment of the divine. 

Over the 6 months you will have plenty of time to explore these topics, to explore embodiment practices, meditations and rituals and to integrate it into your day-to-day reality. 

When we make the unconscious conscious, we create magic! We become more in alignment with our truth, heal patterns of wounding and control, collapse dualities and aversions and we learn to welcome and embrace all of life. 

What Shadow Work is...

  • Processes and tools to explore hidden, repressed or exiled aspects of your psyche

  • A way to access beautiful and powerful parts of your authentic nature that you may have cut off due to conditioning

  • An important part of the journey to wholeness, healing and awakening

  • A way to uncover patterns that keep you stuck in drama and suffering

  • A way to look at taboos and subjects not commonly spoken about or reflected on in our culture/s

  • A vital part of the self-love journey so we can accept and know our full selves!

What it is not...

  • A way to bypass your trauma and sprinkle more 'love and light' only your issues

  • Only about dark/evil/bad stuff- your shadow aspects can be 'positive' too!

  • All about sex. We utilise erotic energy and cover sex in the topics but go into many areas of being human
  • Anything to do with 'high vibe' or 'low vibe', here we collapse dualities

  •  A replacement for professional support and healing relationships with therapists/coaches/guides

  • It's not recommended for people who are experiencing chronic depression or extreme trauma, or ideal for 'beginners' in the self-development/self healing journey

Some results you may experience from doing this course are...

  • A deeper understanding of yourself, especially parts that you may have rejected or ignored

  • Becoming a more free and authentic expression of yourself and your true, authentic nature

  • Experiencing fewer triggers and emotional reactivity in your life

  • Learning to love, accept and even embrace uncomfortable and challenging situations in life

  • More confidence in exploring more of your sexuality and your expression of erotic power

  • Deeper compassion and empathy for others, which allows you to live in a state of unconditional love and acceptance

  • More understanding of trauma and how it plays out in your life- including attachment trauma, sexual trauma and ancestral trauma.

  • Deeper acceptance and understanding of life and the patterns that play out, whether 'good' or 'bad'

  • More ecstatic aliveness in your day to day life

  • Experience deeper and more authentic relationships with people and be able to empathize and be compassionate from them even when they piss you off or do things you don't like.

  • Accepting the full spectrum of your own limitless potential and your true divine nature (you're actually the entire universe of experiences and energy in flesh!)


Student Testimonial


"I have spent years in my life looking for ways to deal with myself- to understand why I was constantly struggling with anxiety, drama, suffering, all that sexy package. 

I found tools along the way... a bit of psychology, a bit of meditation, kind of making my own therapy the hard way. This class offered by Luna is an amazing collection of tools, providing exactly what I was looking for during all those years to help me break these patterns.

It is still up to you to do the work, but it is so much easier to get into it when someone can give you the tools, some guidance and clarity, mixed with a lot of love, compassion and empathy! A big plus is that Luna is not staying too serious through the process, I found discovering your shadow is also fun! Not only about clearing your shit, but also finding some gems and laughing about ourselves from time to time.


For anyone who wants to get into discovering what is going on inside ourselves, understanding more our relationship dynamics, how to actually make deep change within.


Just go for it!"


- Mick

The Journey

Here is an overview of what we will cover in the 6 months

Each month you will receive

  • 3 lecture audios on topics related to the theme of the month
  • a meditation practice
  • an embodiment and/or sexuality practice
  • a ritual
  • journalling prompt
  • bonus practices on the live calls. 




So much of our suffering comes from the mind- the beliefs we hold, the stories we create and the way we understand reality.

Here we set the foundations for the journey, exploring the philosophy of nondual Tantra, the process of embodied inquiry for mental liberation and the basics of shadow work.

By mentally understanding and exploring the process we help the psyche to rationalize why we do this work and to prepare ourselves for the journey ahead. 

Here we will set ourselves up for the whole course by exploring our patterns that we wish to work with and start to practice and embody the nondual teachings.


  • All about Shadow Work
  • Intro to NonDual Tantra
  • Inquiry tools to free your mind



  • Embodied Inquiry 
  • NonDual meditation
  • Shadow Integration journey



In this module we explore compassion, the shadows of love, attachment trauma and intimacy. The focus here is on the emotional body and our interconnectedness with others in this world.

Many of us close our hearts and put up protective mechanisms to keep us safe, while also, unfortunately, keeping love and connection at a distance.

We explore opening our hearts capacity for unconditional love and compassion, working through attachment issues and communication breakdowns, tapping into desire and our hearts calling, and expanding our capacity to receive love- because love is really the heart of all things!


  • The Spiritual and emotional Heart
  • Attachment , the inner child and unconditional Love
  • The 6 realms of suffering (a Tantrik teaching)



  • Heart awakening breathwork 
  • An inner child ritual
  • Tonglen meditation



We move down to our root, our base, our primal power. Our connection to the earth, to source, to our ancestors.

We explore how the earth is YOUR body, and how we are not separate from nature.

We'll explore the primordial power before concepts and language, ritual and deep embodiment.

Here we explore topics like ancestral trauma and karmic patterns, connection to earth and nature, how to release trauma from the body and explore an anal de-armoring ritual. 


  • The base and the power of grounded spirituality
  • Ancestry, Archetypes and the collective unconscious
  • Nature as my body



  • Anal de-armoring 
  • Ecosexuality ritual
  • Ancestry meditation



Life is a constant cycle of life and death, but many of us cling and attach to people and objects, and avoid the topic of death so much that we miss all the lessons we can learn.

In this module we explore impermanence, the void and the power of Kali Ma- destroyer of time.

Working with death allows us to fully feel alive and to fully appreciate our time on this plane. 

Here we embrace impermanence, our place in the cycle of life and death and our ability to grieve and let go. Death rituals help us integrate death into our lives so that we can really appreciate every moment, let go of fear and surrender to really living.


  • The taboo of Death
  • Ego death
  • Orgasmic death and the erotic



  • Orgasmic Death journey
  • Death meditation
  • Mandala destruction ritual



Sex is such a big part of life, and our relationships are one of the biggest mirrors of our subconscious and our traumas.
It is also such a powerful energy that can create such deep connection, such profound experiences and working with erotic energies is one of the most powerful ways to unlock and integrate shadow aspects of our psyche.

So much of our shame is tied in with our sexuality so working to explore the shadows and projections we have around sex is vital.

Here we will also explore relating patterns, awakened relating and reclaiming our sexual shadow. 


  • Let's talk about sex
  • The erotic and sexual shadow
  • Love, trauma bonding and true intimacy



  • Sexual shadow exploration
  • Intimacy perspectives aspecting ritual
  • Erotic metta meditation



What is real power when we explore it from a nondual perspective? How can we explore personal power with awareness of privileges, social structures and while navigating capitalism?

We'll dive into sovereignty, money and our ability to be with highly sensational situations in life so that we can show up in the world fully and consciously in a way that is for the benefit of all beings. This final module will have you feeling empowered to go out into the world and show up in integrity and authenticity.


  • Redefining POWER
  • Money
  • Empowered living, alignment and choice



  • Money + Abundance sex magic 
  • The body as Power
  • Empowered centering meditation


"The Shadow Self Worship course keeps reverberating throughout my life, even months later. I am still uncovering hidden pieces of myself and integrating the lessons and gifts I received into my altered life. 

I've reset in so many ways, including new boundaries with friends and lovers, and really feeling into my emotional response to things like death and pain. 

Luna is a knowledgeable, lively, and down-to-earth teacher who truly cares about her students. I suggest that you really set aside 2-4 hours per week to delve deeply. You won't be sorry!"




This course is not for beginners to 'the work' (spirituality and personal development).

To apply you should have experience with meditation, basic understandings of Tantra and/or embodiment and breathwork. The practices are quite advanced, so you should be able to self-soothe and regulate.

If you are new to this type of work and would still like to do the course I recommend signing up for Pleasure Yoga or having some 1 on 1 coaching with me before the course to get you prepared, but generally this work is for people who have been doing spiritual development work for a while.

This course is not recommended for people who are experiencing chronic depression or anxiety (Again I recommend Pleasure Yoga as a starting point if you are!) Or who are dealing with overwhelming trauma, or other mental health issues. If you're not sure then send me an email ( [email protected] ) and we can talk more about your unique situation and if the course is a good fit.

This course was designed as a next level for the Deep Self Worship course I run each year, and if you're new to Tantra I recommend waiting for the next round of that to start, then doing this course next year when it is available again.

Your Guides for the journey

Luna Agneya

Headmistress of the Sensual Arts School


Luna has been working between the sex positive and the spiritual communities for over 10 years, and facilitating and event hosting for over 8 years.

Luna has studied and practices yoga, tantra, meditations, breathwork and all kinds of spiritual healing modalities over the years, getting certified as a Yoga, meditation and pranayama instructor in 2016 and graduating as an Tantric sexuality and relationship coach from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality in 2020.

She studies classical Nondual Shaiva Tantra with Christopher Wallis the Tantrika Institute (2+ yrs), as well as studying nonduality, spirituality and awakening with teachers from around the world to get a varied and holistic perspective. 

Luna also has completed a Trauma Awareness for Facilitators course and has a passion for psychology, shadow work, Integrated and holistic healing modalities and mystery school teachings. 

Mx. Gili

Support + Pod lead

Gili is a sex educator and pleasure activist who offers spaces of permission, informed by safety, consent and trauma awareness.
As an aspirant of devotional Tantra, my approach is founded in love, presence, polarity, ritual and expansion. These practices are further informed by a Queer understanding of life, sexuality, and gender as abundant spectrums and a commitment to challenging power structures and paradigms which act to indoctrinate and dissociate body from spirit.
Permission-centering means every emotion and state of body and mind are all seen as equally valid and integrally belonging. Transformation-driven work is offered from a place of loving acceptance of all our parts and a practice of intention and discernment.

The Investment

Here are the prices of this journey. The Extra Supportive option includes monthly 1:1 support for people who want to really go deep and feel held on this journey. 

Low income applications are available (50% the standard price) Please apply HERE 

Monthly Payment Plan



  • 6 Months of content including lectures, meditations, rituals and embodiment practices
  • 2 Live Q+A calls per month with Luna (2 timezones)
  • 2 Pod sharing calls per month (2 timezones)
  • 1x 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions with Luna
  • Private group chat

One Time Payment



  • 6 Months of content including lectures, meditations, rituals and embodiment practices
  • 2 Live Q+A calls per month with Luna (2 timezones)
  • 2 Pod sharing calls per month (2 timezones)
  • 1x 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions with Luna
  • Private group chat

Extra Supportive



  • 6 Months of content including lectures, meditations, rituals and embodiment practices
  • 2 Live Q+A calls per month with Luna (2 timezones)
  • 2 Pod sharing calls per month (2 timezones)
  • 6x 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions with Luna (1 per month)
  • Private group chat

Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to feel confident about any purchase you make with us.

If you buy the course and decide it is not for you, you can request a refund within the first 14 days.

Click here to learn more.

The healing power of the Erotic

Our sexuality is a potent gatekeeper for our unconscious, so in this journey, we will be using the power of the erotic life force (aka Kundalini, ecstasy, bliss) to provide the fuel for deep change.

Pleasure and orgasmic energy are healing energies that we can all access, and this energy can move through us and really bring the work we're doing into the body and into our cells, our blood. 

When we hold contractions and blockages around our sexuality, we stop life from moving through us and this stagnation can come out in so many ways.

Through the course, we will explore using sexuality practices for deep transformation and change, as well as to help us stay nourished and grounded.

Coming into Wholeness

Most of us live our lives internally divided- shaming and judging parts of ourselves we perceive as 'negative' or unwanted, and trying to think (or even act) our way into a more 'positive' and empowered space... but this internal rejection of our truth causes unconscious issues to appear and break havoc on our lives as these rejected parts try to get their needs met while living in the shadow.

It may have felt unsafe at a time to be who you really are. The defense mechanisms and internal rejection may have helped you to survive as you grew up, but now it's time to come back to wholeness. 

It's time to reclaim your true nature and dissolve the conditioning that cut you off from expressing your true self. It's time to make friends with the shadow and learn from the wisdom hidden there. It's time to come home to your full self!

Ready to dive in?