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The course will open again in late 2021.

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Unlock the power of your unconscious.

Worship the totality of your being.

Love yourself in all your beautiful, complex and ever changing expressions.


This is a journey for seekers of truth.

For those ready to recognize their infinite power and their divine nature in all it's beautiful, messy and fluid forms.

For those who would rather know Truth of reality and themselves than remain in their comfortable ignorance and unconscious patterns of daily life.

For those seeking to wake up from the walking dream. 

For those who want to fully understand themselves and the world around them while grounded in loving compassion for life and all beings.

And for those who know that doing all this also means feeling fully alive with erotic life force and the ecstatic current of life!


If you're ready to see the meta perspective of life and the roles we play in it, then this is a course for you. Shadow work is is part of 'The Great Work' - the path to full awakening and becoming whole.


"Until you make your unconscious, conscious- it will rule your life and you will call it fate."

Carl Jung.

The Descent and Ascent 


This journey is designed to bring you on a growing arch over the 12 weeks.

You have access to a new module every fortnight, and you can decide how many times you want to do each of the practices (from trying them once to committing to a daily practice) There are meditations, sexuality practices, embodiment explorations, rituals and journaling prompts for each module and you decide how deep you want to dive into each part.

Starting with the mind and moving down through the heart to the base in the first 3 modules, we then go into exploring taboo topics as we ascend up through death, sex and power.  This is designed so that the journey starts and ends with empowerment, love and pleasure to hold the deeper work through the base and the void. 



Module opens November 26. Live group coaching call December 3 at 6pm AWST

Here we set the foundations for the journey, exploring the philosophy of non-dual Tantra, the process of  embodied inquiry for mental liberation and the basics of shadow work.

By mentally understanding and exploring the process we help the cortex to rationalize why we do this work and to prepare ourselves for the journey ahead. 

Here we will set ourselves up for the whole course by exploring our patterns that we wish to work with and start to practice and embody the nondual teachings.



Module opens December 10. Live group coaching call December 17 at 6pm AWST

Over the next 2 weeks we explore 'opening the heart of compassion', the shadows of love, attachment trauma and intimacy and work. The focus here is on the limbic brain and emotional body.
This module is about opening our hearts capacity for unconditional love and compassion, working through attachment issues and communication breakdowns, tapping into desire and our hearts calling and expanding our capacity to receive love- because love is really the heart of all things!



Module opens December 24. Live group coaching call December 29 at 6pm AWST (changed to a Tuesday due to new years eve)

We move to our root, our base and our primal power. Our connection to earth, to source, to our ancestors.

Working with the conceptual and non-verbal primal power of the subconscious, the power of ritual and of the base.

Here we explore topics like ancestral trauma and karmic patterns, connection to earth and nature, how to release trauma from the body and explore an anal de-armoring ritual. 



Module opens Jan 7. Live group coaching call Jan 14 at 6pm AWST

Life is a constant cycle of life and death, but many of us cling and attach to people and objects, and avoid the topic of death so much that we miss all the lessons we can learn.

In this module we explore impermanence, the void and the power of Kali Ma. Working with death allows us to fully feel alive and to fully appreciate our time on this plane. 

Here we embrace impermanence, our place in the cycle of life and death and our ability to grieve and let go. Death rituals help us integrate death into our lives so that we can really appreciate every moment, let go of fear and surrender to really living.



Module opens Jan 21. Live group coaching call Jan 28 at 6pm AWST

Sex is such a big part of life, and our relationships are one of the biggest mirrors of our subconscious and our traumas.
It is also such a powerful energy that can create such deep connection, such profound experiences and working with erotic energies is one of the most powerful ways to unlock and integrate shadow aspects of our psyche.

So much of our shame is tied in with our sexuality so working to explore the shadows and projections we have around sex is vital.

Here we will also explore relating patterns, awakened relating and reclaiming our sexual shadow. 



Module opens Feb 4. Live group coaching call Feb 11 at 6pm AWST

What is real power when we explore it from a non-dual perspective? How can we explore personal power with awareness of privilege's, social structures and navigating capitalism?

We'll dive into sovereignty, money and our ability to be with highly sensational situations in life so that we can show up in the world fully and consciously in a way that is for the benefit of all beings. This final module will have you feeling empowered to go out into the world and show up in integrity and authenticity.



Each module includes a meditation that can be done daily, a ritual or journey and an embodied practice as well as journaling and other tools to help your process.

You can expect about 3 hours per week commitment as a minimum to really go into the course work. 

This course is for you if...

You long for truth

You know that there is more to the story than the unconscious living out of patterns that can at times seem to rule your life.
You're sick of the all light-and-fluffy spirituality and you are ready to explore some of the deeper topics, taboos and subconscious realms. 

You'd rather know the truth than be comfortable, you're not afraid to look at the 'shit' you're holding onto. You're ready to stop trying to cover it in affirmations (or totally ignore it) and instead to face it.

You'd rather know truth than have your ego be 'right' 

And you know that even though life can be freaky, wild, kinky and sometimes downright twisted- that there is some pattern and beauty behind all of this that makes life so magical, wonderful and amazing.

You want to explore non-duality

'We are all one' can be a nice thing to say, but what does it really mean? How to we actually embody and explore unity consciousness?

This course has a basis in non-dual Tantric philosophy and practice for not only conceptually exploring the idea of 'One consciousness' but to FEEL it. 

Non-Duality and shadow work go hand-in-hand because when we explore the unconscious we want to be able to accept and surrender to all of life without labelling 'good' or 'bad' on the expressions of consciousness we all have within us. 

We can move beyond our conditioned judgments of right and wrong and see the perfection of everything even in the midst of chaos and pain.

You want to explore this in a trauma-informed, Sexy and Pleasure-Filled way

This course isn't all about doing the hard work- we balance the shadow integration with pleasure, sacred sexuality, nervous system regulation, grounding and holistic wellness. 

It's juicy and liberating as well as deep!

Going into shadow work can be an intense process and cracking open too fast and hard can sometimes cause destabilization and even psychosis, as many people have experienced from intense shamanic journeys and psychedelics. We take a slow and integrated approach to the process which allows you to go deep in a way that is nourishing and grounding. 



We start this work by recognizing that we are already perfect expressions of divine consciousness and exactly where we are supposed to be. No mistakes and nothing to really 'fix', just a 'remembering' and revelation of our true nature if we're ready for it.

Doing Shadow integration work from a non-dual perspective is about diving deep into your stories, identities, judgments and projection so you can liberate yourself from them.

It's about learning to accept, love and embrace all parts of yourself and surrender to the totality of your being.

It's learning to love and get turned on by life in all it's wild, freaky and wonderful expressions.

It can be challenging at times, but the results are absolutely worth the work!

When we can understand our mental processes we can see the cognitive prisons we trap ourselves in and from there we can free ourselves.


Some results you may experience from doing this course are.

  • A deeper understanding of yourself, especially parts that you may have rejected or ignored
  • Becoming a more free and authentic expression of yourself and your true essence nature
  • Experiencing less triggers and emotional reactivity in your life
  • Learning to love and even get turned on/activated by uncomfortable situations in life
  • More confidence in exploring more of your sexuality and your expression of erotic power
  • Deeper compassion and empathy for others which allows you to live in a state of unconditional love and acceptance
  • More understanding of trauma and how it plays out in your life- including attachment trauma, sexual trauma and ancestral trauma.
  • Full acceptance and understanding of life and the patterns that play out, whether 'good' or 'bad'
  • More ecstatic aliveness in your day to day life
  • Experience deeper and more authentic relationships with people and be able to empathize and be compassionate from them even when they piss you off or do things you don't like.
  • Accepting the full spectrum of your own limitless potential and your true divine nature (you're actually the entire universe of experiences and energy in flesh!)



The Power of Eros

Utilizing sacred sexuality practices for deep embodied change, and as a portal to the unconscious

Our sexuality is a potent gatekeeper for our unconscious, so in this journey we will be using the power of the erotic life force (aka Kundalini, ecstasy, bliss) to provide the fuel for deep change.

Pleasure and orgasmic energy are healing energies that we can all access, and this energy can move through us and really bring the work we're doing into the body and into our cells, our blood. 

When we hold contractions and blockages around our sexuality, we stop life from moving through us and this stagnation can come out in so many ways.

Through the course we will explore using sexuality practices for deep transformation and change, as well as to help us stay nourished and grounded.




Most of us live our lives internally divided- shaming and judging parts of ourselves we perceive as 'negative' and trying to think our way into a more 'positive' and empowered space, but this internal rejection causes unconscious issues to appear and control our lives, blocking us from our full potential. This work is not for people who want to remain in their comfortable victim identities or stories about who they are, it is for people who are ready to dive into the totality of their experience and their psyche. It's also not a course for absolute beginners to self development and spiritual growth, as it's important to build a foundation of pleasure and self reflection before diving deeper. 



This course balances deep self inquiry, meditation and awareness cultivation, embodiment and holistic sacred sexuality practices. It's important as we deconstruct old patterns to have balance, nourishment and pleasure so that we can excavate in an integrated way for long-lasting change. This whole course is trauma-informed and focused on fully embodying the work in your day to day life rather than a 'hard and fast' approach to 'breaking open' the soul.

Each module is over a 2 week period to give you plenty of time to try the practices, explore and ask questions.

Each fortnight a new module is unlocked with a series of videos and practices for you to try, then the following week will be a live Q&A and group coaching call for bringing your personal questions and issues. If you're unable to make the group calls then you can write in your question ahead of time or have a free 15 minute chat on bigger issues that might be surfacing.

We also recommend and help set up an accountability buddy to connect with and share with on this journey so that you have someone else who is doing the work to mirror with.


Also included in the course is a 60 minute 1 on 1 coaching call with Luna to work on your own personal challenges and issues and to build a plan for working with your shadow pieces that are most affecting you.




If this sounds like the course that is right for you in your journey, come explore!

I'm ready!

 This course is not for beginners to the work and so to apply you should have experience with meditation, basic Tantra and breathwork. If you are new and would still like to do the course I recommend signing up for Pleasure Yoga or having some 1 on 1 coaching with me before the course to get you prepared, but generally this work is for people who have been doing spiritual development work for a while.

This course is not recommended for people who are experiencing chronic depression or anxiety (Again I recommend Pleasure Yoga as a starting point if you are!) Or who are dealing with overwhelming trauma, or other mental health issues. If you're not sure then send me an email ( [email protected] ) and we can talk more about your unique situation and if the course is a good fit. This course was designed as a next level for the Deep Self Worship course I run and if you're new to Tantra I recommend waiting for the next round of that to start!

Frequently Asked Questions

The course runs for 12 weeks (about 3 months) and you will have an additional month to access the course material before the container is closed and all members removed. 
This is to ensure people don't let their resistance stop them from committing to the process and indefinitely procrastinating. 

Part of the work is accepting the life and death cycles and committing to doing the work here and now. Also a lot of the focus of the course is on the community calls and accountability pairing which will require you to show up during the course time. There is a lot of space with one module for 2 weeks to take it at a relaxed pace. 

If for some reason things come up and you aren't able to do the course this time, you will be able to rejoin the next round for a small price.

Generally the calls are Thursdays at 6pm AWST ( 12pm Europe) but before the course starts I will send out a survey for ideal times, depending on the numbers there may be 2 calls a week to allow for a more suited time for people in the US/Canada.

The calls are all recorded so you can watch them back at a later time that suits you. 

You'll be able to email in any questions you have if you can't make a live call and I can answer them on there (or respond via email)

To start doing this type of shadow work in a course it's recommended that you have some foundational self care, and this isn't a Tantra 101 course so it is recommended that you at least are familiar with what Tantra is before signing up!

Generally we are drawn to the work when it's the right time, and if you feel the pull in your body and heart then it is probably the right time for you!

Healing is a tricky topics, but generally taking any steps towards self development and spiritual awakening will start the healing process in your psyche. This course is not however some quick fix or magical cure to heal yourself in 12 weeks and shadow integration is a path that often takes years to really fully embody. 

While this work is ideally done in a container such as 1 on 1 coaching or a retreat, it absolutely can be done virtually from the comfort of your own home. I have personally done most of my shadow integration work through online courses, books, coaches and other virtual mediums and it has radically changed my life. It is essentially about giving you the knowledge and tools to do your own self-healing, and seeing that you don't need an external person to explore your inner world. 

If you start the course and feel it is not for you then you can organize a call with me and we can see about giving you either extra support or a partial refund. 

Luna Agneya 

Owner of Sensual Artistry & The Sensual Arts School. Co-initiator of Awakened Eros, 


Luna is a Sensuality and Relating expert- teaching, coaching and creating events & immersions in the field on Sensuality and conscious connection for many years. 

A certified Integrated Sex, Love and Relationship coach, Tantric Yogini, event manager and designer, Luna has fused together her many skills and passions into projects dedicated to the liberation of people through the erotic, through relationships and through the shadow work of kink and taboos. 

She is passionate about trauma-informed approaches to deep healing and integration work and is dedicated to the path of embodied liberation and awakening.


Read more via her full coaching and teaching website.


Sensual Artistry