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Sacred Sexuality Packages

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This is the first course of it’s kind - combining the consciousness-expanding practices of Tantra with the embodied erotic art form of kink. This course will give you various practical tools for exploring kink in a safe, deep and holistic way that can help you on your path of exploration, liberation and deeper understanding of yourself and your desires. This Neo-tantric fusion is aimed to deepen intimacy, liberate shame and help you to explore your authentic, unique sensual expression.

Course by Luna Agneya and Sanya Alaya

Read more about the course here

+ The Desire Playground

6 Sacred Sexuality Playdates for couples featuring communication practices, intimacy building NeoTantric practices and rituals.

  • Connection play
  • Seduction Play
  • Wild Play
  • 5 Senses Play
  • Kinky Play
  • Tantric Play

+ Deepening Connection through the Art of Ritual MASTERCLASS

Explore how Ritual and intentional spaces can help create more love, connection and magic.


Sensual Ropes

The Art of Conscious Bondage.
Shibari is one of the most versatile mediums to explore the art of surrender, devotional domination, sensory play and erotic communication. This artform has taken off around the world in the recent years for it's power to facilitate intimacy, explore polarity and provide some deeply embodied experiences of release.
Learn the art of rope bondage through various sections, including self-tie, partner ties and creating a bondage ritual.

Check out the full course info HERE


+ The Desire Playground

6 Sacred Sexuality Playdates for couples featuring communication practices, intimacy building NeoTantric practices and rituals.

  • Connection play
  • Seduction Play
  • Wild Play
  • 5 Senses Play
  • Kinky Play
  • Tantric Play

+ Erotic Rituals: SEX MAGIC 

Curious to explore the Art of Sex Magic? This 1-hour workshop will guide you through a couple's practice to explore this process. 


Deep Self Worship 

 Deep Self Worship is an online journey created to give you all the foundations, inspiration , tools and education you need to start your journey into neo-tantra and the path of liberation! 

Over these 6 weeks you will learn to master conscious self-pleasure, explore the path of solo Tantra through meditation and the tools of awakening, and transform your relationship to yourself.

Journey into your body, heart and soul and unravel the conditioning and limiting stories that hold you back from your full erotic potential.

There are 6 modules held over 6 weeks, so you get a new module every week.


Each module contains some lectures (video and audio) and then your practices for the module- a meditation and an embodied sexuality practice. 


+ Seducing the Shadow Webinar

We talk about self love and loving ourselves a lot, but how many of us ACTUALLY love all of ourselves? What about the jealous parts? The spiteful parts? The scared ones? Do you REALLY love, accept and embrace these 'bad' parts as a perfect and magical expression of the divine?

Shadow work is working with the unconscious and lost parts of ourselves that we may have ignored or rejected, but these parts are still there as part of our larger selves- and they're still impacting our lives, our relationships and our sexuality.

When we learn to lovingly accept and embrace ALL parts of ourselves (or even getting turned on and activated by them!) then we can really become whole and integrated beings. Taking a Tantric approach to shadow work, in this class we will explore and liberate a part of our unconscious and learn to become it's lover. It's remembering that we are always already perfect, whole, divine and unbroken- we just forget it sometimes! 


+ Shadow Self Worship - Heart Awakening

Many of us close our hearts and put up protective mechanisms to keep us safe, while also, unfortunately, keeping love and connection at a distance.

We explore opening our hearts capacity for unconditional love and compassion, working through attachment issues and communication breakdowns, tapping into desire and our hearts calling, and expanding our capacity to receive love- because love is really the heart of all things!


Energy Sex

Want to learn how to penetrate someone to their core- without physical penetration?

To move erotic energy with your lover, awaken their subtle bodies, connect beyond the physical and even explore how to bend your gender?

Through Erotic energy play and energy sex, we can open up a whole new world of intimacy!

Explore the dance of surrender, trust, play and presence in this special course.


+ 5 Senses Playdate

This playdate is from 'The Desire Playground' online course, on this date we'll be getting deeply connected with some breathwork before dropping into the body for a delicious tantric ritual dedicated to activating the senses, as well as some sensory deprivation.

This is such a beautiful ritual to do as a couple (or even in a group!) for making someone feel like an absolute god/dess and for using sensuality as a tool for meditation and awareness cultivation. 


+ Deepening Intimacy Through the Art of Ritual  

Explore how Ritual and intentional spaces can help create more love, connection and magic. 


Tantric Kink Taster

Wanting to explore the Art of Tantric Kink, but not ready to commit to the full course? 

In this taster course we give you 3 videos from our full program to explore

  • Intro to dominance and submission
  • A Tantric Kink Dom/Sub practice
  • Rituals and Kink

You'll also receive a special discount code incase you want to dive into our full course later!


+The Healing potential of Tantra and Kink Workshop

By Sanya Alaya

Kink, Tantra and BDSM are getting more and more embraced by a growing audience of all kinds of social backgrounds. Lately I have been attending a couple of events of professional therapists and psychologists who were discussing BDSM in therapy or even as therapy.
With this offering I want to give you an introduction to Kink, BDSM and Tantra that looks beyond the practice and play for pleasure and joy.
What are their Healing Potentials?
Are there any? And if so...why and how?


+Kinky Playdate

This playdate is from 'The Desire Playground' online course, sharing about how to create a kinky power dynamic scene, how to do a check-in and get on the same page and how to use the 'traffic light' system to make your scene safer.

You'll also get a desire worksheet to help you and your lover figure out what you like and what you want to try out!

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